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A: PR is essential for your business for the following 9 reasons!

  1. IMPRESSIVE: The journalist has been impressed enough with your product or service to include you in their article.
  2. STAND OUT: You will stand out from the crowd in your market place, and your competitors will sit up and think…
  3. THE PITCH: The journalist will invariably have had to pitch you to their editor, who will then have had to assess if the piece will be of interest or relevant to their readership.
  4. FACTS CHECKED: The journalist has to do the fact checking – which is why printed or online publications can be slower than tweets and status updates – the facts are checked and verified.
  5. EXPERT: It is an industry expert writing about you, not YOU writing about you as you do in social media.
  6. SEO: Once your article is published in the major news outlet, your name and website link (if included) will be picked up by the search engines and will boost your rankings.
  7. NEW CLIENTS: potential clients reading the article will discover you.
  8. CURRENT CLIENTS: your existing client base will be pleased to see you being published, this will back up their choice in using your company.
  9. SHARE: It is an opportunity to share the link with your clientbase and on your website which in turn may get shared even further.

So if you would LOVE to have a crack at getting your own press coverage and doing your own PR, then download my essential How to Get into the Press checklist!

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