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You CAN do it.

You’ve set up your business, spent blood, sweat and tears to create a beautiful website, product offering, lead magnets, the works but you lack something that you used to have in bucket loads when you worked for your boss…

And one thing is for sure, you’re a hard worker, you’re passionate about what you do and you have a fantastic product or service which is why you set up your business in the first place.

But you have reoccurring niggling thoughts. They go a little like this:

  • Can I put up my prices?
  • Can I pitch to xyz publication?
  • Can I stand up and do my elevator pitch at the networking event?
  • Can I promote my business this week?
  • Can I smile and dial to some dream journalists?
  • Can I get my brand out there and more visible?
  • Can I write good marketing copy?
  • Can I propose a joint venture with a leader in my industry?
  • Can I organise an event and get bums on seats?
  • Can I call up the leading high street retailers to pitch my product to?
  • Can I sell to the trade / wholesale market?
  • Can I take some time off so I can look after myself?
  • Can I get a mentor to help me grow my business?
  • Can I approach an influencer with my new idea?
  • Can I get a TedX speaking gig?
  • Can I get a local speaking gig?
  • Can I set up a paid for masterminding group?The list goes on…

Again, I say YES YOU CAN!


Well it is commonly reported that women lack confidence when it comes to running our businesses.

We may have left a high flying job in the city, may or may not have had children, may have been made redundant and countless other reasons to setting up a business that came from a hobby or a passion.

But the one thing in common is the pure lack of confidence that can hold us back from doing something that will make a huge difference to our businesses.

That ONE THING could open a big door WIDE OPEN and you don’t know what countless opportunities could flood in after…

So today I want to grant you PERMISSION to go ahead and do that one thing on the list above that you’ve been wanting to do but have been lacking the confidence to actually do it.

Put a plan in place to do it, make a commitment to yourself that next week, you WILL do that icky tricky task you’ve been putting off and that actually will be okay when you do it!

I promise you, I have been there, I am also there each and every day of my working life but it’s my passion for my business that keeps me going, my kids and my desire to help empower other people to shine with their skills that keeps me going!

So what will you do from the list???

I would love to hear back from you!