Visibility is Not Enough

You want to dominate with your brand, increase market share and make more sales and despite being an expert in your field it's not happened...yet

World Domination Visibility Mastermind

Be seen on TV and on stage, heard on the radio and podcasts and get into the printed press online and offline with some MAJOR media outlets. 

Because your Yet is Right Now.

Here's what you will get when you join the World Domination Visibility Mastermind

It's time to stop playing small and step up and serve right now!

  • 4 Live events a year with your fellow masterminders because connection makes a difference
  • Everyone on the call has been briefed and trained on how to deliver a good pitch, but you can give YOUR advice on how to improve it...
  • Press release distribution service: Your ready for press press release is mass distributed saving you hours of time and giving you massive exposure to the media
    • A hot community to network with and to do business with because you need to network with like-minds to raise your business levels
    • Direct intros to leading producers and journalists, podcasters and speaker agencies - you'll love how many doors will be opened for you
  •      Regular Zoom calls each month so you're accountable (slackers need not bother to apply)

In a nutshell you will get you and your brand OUT THERE as we have some pretty awesome contacts: CNN, BBC, ITV, Psychologies, The Telegraph, City AM...

Book a call now - Spaces are limited

On our call I'll get to know you and your business goals. The World Domination Visibility Mastermind isn't for everyone. It's not for the business owner who prefers to make excuses rather than do the work. 

If you have been on the fence of working with Amanda then get off the fence now and GET involved.

Amanda Ruiz is more than a PR expert.. she is a coach, mentor and supporter. She has your back and wants you to succeed and OMG she OPENS doors!!! She lives up to her name.  Can't believe I'm in serious talks to go on ITV and pitching for some exciting opportunities that I know will change my biz. So grateful for investing and if you want the media for your biz then you should be investing in a great asset like her”.


The world is ready to hear your message

If not now, when?