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Looking for successful media pitches, TEDx talks, appearances on podcasts, TV and radio?

Bring your PR in-house.

Our packages and programmes are all designed to help you to boost your company or personal profile.  With our expert guidance and media training, you’ll become more confident and super articulate at pitching successfully.

All of this is achievable in just 7 minutes a day. Yes, it’s true.

We share the insider secrets to a proven 7 step system on securing press coverage. Clients go from invisible to the go-to media friendly expert in 30 days or less.


In-House PR Training for SMEs

[£: POA]

Take your PR in-house, get super visible and attract more clients.

We train comms and marketing managers to pitch to the press.

Public Relations (PR) is a very effective marketing tool for your business for raising visibility, building authority, trust and credibility…but an often forgotten tool that can super boost your social media strategy.


  • With PR, your impact can be much further and wider than your social media reach which is limited to your follower numbers.
  • PR is free. Once your team knows how to effectively pitch to the press, this essential marketing is repeated time and again to generate more business, sales enquiries as well as to build your reputation.
  • Doing your PR in-house means that you can save money by not hiring expensive PR agencies and cutting those large advertising budgets you may have in place or plans for.


[£5250/mo x 3]

1:1 PR Mentoring combined with PR agency Done For You outreach to help you have the best success at pitching to the media

As one past mentee puts it: We put a rocket under your business. We talk every two weeks and you have laser focused attention on you, your business goals and your PR goals.

  • Would you like to have someone to talk to on a regular basis who is on your side and is your cheer leader?
  • Is it time you went from best-kept secret to seen everywhere?
  • Are you running on adrenaline and not making much profit?
  • Would you like a sounding board to help brainstorm new ideas you have for your business?
  • Would you simply like a fresh perspective on your business?
  • Would you like someone to help you sniff out the money you are leaving on the table?
  • Would you like some DONE FOR YOU PR Agency media outreach?

Well if you answer YES to any of the above, then let’s talk and let’s see how I can help you.

You’re kept accountable from your ‘PR cheerleader in your pocket’ and you’ll see big shifts happen when we work together.

This is our DONE WITH YOU PR Programme and it’s such a fantastic blend of the both worlds.


[£3500 x 3]

We get you ‘press ready’ within 7 days of working together so you are ready to respond to PR opportunities from the get go.

Get the very best of both worlds with our popular signature VIP PR programme where we combine the best of what a PR agency offers, as well as giving you the PR academy media training so that when you complete the programme, you walk away with a lifelong knowledge on how to PR your business.

We call this: PR Agency Done With n By You.

 We do essential ‘Done For You’ PR Agency activities to get you press ready in the first 14 days of working together. We create your PR Strategy, plus we’ll open up our Little Black Book, named by some clients as the best in the industry, so you can enjoy introductions to influencers and people you’ve had on your radar for years.



Power PR Hour to pick my PR brains!

In Just ONE hour we’ll uncover all the pitching and PR opportunities that you’re leaving on the table.

You’ll have Laser focused 1:1 attention on YOU.

You’ll gain clarity, confidence and inspiration to pitch your business to the press.


[£475 x 3]

PR + Visibility Mastery Programme where you’re fully supported

Switch on the spotlight to your business with the support from the stellar team at Amanda FitzGerald PR.

My PR + Visibility Mastery is like no other affordable programme out there. Not only have I designed this specifically for experts and entrepreneurs based on my 25+ years of entrepreneurship, PR and marketing experience, most other programmes out there will leave you without any real substance nor your PR goals accomplished (So I am told time and time again!).

We drop daily PR opportunities into the group, you have your press kit, press release and email pitches reviewed and you have access to all my insider secrets on getting game-changing press coverage with the training vault with fantastic resources and templates.

Members are sharing their wins each week and it’s mind blowing to see the success stories!

Working with Amanda has seen my confidence soar.

I always saw the press as occupying a rarefied, higher rung on the ladder than me, one that I could not access.  Now, with Amanda’s help I understand the process of how to approach journalists and feel comfortable and confident in doing so.  I have been featured in the i newspaper and Prima, and here’s to many more going forward!

Terrified doesn’t quite explain how I felt the first time Amanda set up a press pitch for us, now I love them.

Angela Lithgow-MacLean

Fertility Expert and Acupuncturist

Working with Amanda FitzGerald, generated almost £210,000 for my business

but more importantly, enabled several Schools, Charities and small businesses to collectively save or reclaim around £1.7million off the back of One article In a national redtop.

If you get an invitation to take a call with Amanda, go for it, it’s one of the best things I ever did.

Chas Jordan​

Fair Contract Associates Limited

When life served me lemons, Amanda stepped in and helped me make lemonade!

I have been focusing my business marketing efforts via social channels like Facebook and Instagram but the consistent effort required to ensure you are up to date with trends and processes is time consuming and my wins were nothing to write home about. I had been following Amanda for a few years and I liked her devoted PR energy and ideas on how to get noticed and when life served me lemons, Amanda stepped in and helped me make lemonade! Due to Covid travel restrictions, we were forced to change tactics from pitching to international press to pitching to local press and on Amanda’s guidance I befriended the local journalists in my area and successfully got to be seen everywhere on Portugal’s Algarve! I have been seen in local glossy magazines and newspapers and online websites and there was an occasion when one of my acquaintances told me about a newspaper article I was featured in before I knew that it was out there!

Cheryl Smith

CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)
Figs on the Funcho, Algarve