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I normally have a single word for the New Year, but this year is slightly different as I have a letter:
C, along with 7 words no less!
1. Communication
2. Collaboration
3. Credibility
4. Confidence
5. Clients
6. Creativity
7. Connection
Speaking with clients and contacts, old and new, I am so often told that PR is the *missing piece* to their marketing or business puzzle.
You tell me PR is something which is avoided at all costs simply because you don’t have the *confidence* to pitch…
…because you lack the right
*communication* method (or can’t articulate what you do succinclty and in an impactful way)
…but you’d love to strike up new
*collaborations* and partnerships
…and you know that by being seen in the press you can get a massive *credibility* boost
. . . not to mention a surge of new *clients* as you create deeper *connections* with your audience old and new.
However, you may have to use a little *creativity* when it comes to your pitches as you need to be relevant and timely and not just talk about how wonderful you are (even though you are!).
See what I did there?
What is YOUR C word for 2023?
People are telling me theirs….celebration, consistency…I’d love to hear yours – put your C word in comments below.
Now if you’d like one or ALL of those 7 C words and you don’t know where to start, here’s what you need to do:
Book a Discovery Call with me at
1. Choose your time to speak
2. We’ll chat and you’ll tell me your PR and visibility goals for 2023 and I can tell which product or service would be best for you
3. And be assured, there won’t be any expensive PR agency fees as I think doing your own PR is an essential life business skill everyone should have!
I look forward to CONNECTING with you!
PS you don’t have to wear a gold lamé jacket and a mix n match of animal print on our call 😂