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Hi! 👋 I’m Amanda FitzGerald,

a PR and Visibility Strategist and known by my clients as The Ultimate Door Opener. 

I am passionate about training and mentoring entrepreneurs to successfully pitch to the press and get SUPER VISIBLE using the power of PR so that you have a surge of new client enquiries, book reviews, speaking gigs and interviews (whatever you have your sights on!).

I have helped people to get to their dream publications and outlets such as ITV’s This Morning, Forbes, The Sunday Times, Telegraph, Raconteur, Daily Mail, Psychologies, OK!, Delicious, LBC, BBC, Metro to name a few. 

Look at the logo strip below…Which is your dream media outlet to appear on?

So, What is PR?

  • PR = Public Relations. It forms part of your overall marketing and communications mix (consisting of paid ads, JVs, WOM – word of mouth, SEO, direct mail)
  • It can include:
    • Product placement, profile pieces, crisis comms
    • Invitations to comment on news and media channels: TV/Radio /online/offline/podcasts
    • Thought leadership through by-lined articles
    • Speaking gigs: Conferences, trade shows, TED, TEDx, events
    • Competitions, giveaways, journalist/influencer gifting
    • Column (Agony Aunt / Ask the Expert)
  • Whistle blowing / investigative journalism
  • Breaking news local + national
  • PR is broadly broken down into two areas:
    • Proactive: ‘Outreach’ ie cold email pitches: breaking news, launches, news stories, trends
    • Reactive:  Responding to a ‘call out’ from a journalist, news jacking stories/ events for commentary

Why is PR important for business owners?

PR helps to:

  • Build your reputation and credibility
  • Build brand awareness
  • Position you as an expert in your field/niche
  • Create more opt-ins and sales enquiries
  • Build your confidence
  • Boost your SEO
  • Attract new loyal clients
  • Can increase inbound traffic to your website through backlinks
  • Have a much further reach than just your social media reach

Is PR FREE? Yes. If you are asked to pay, then it’s an advert.

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