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I really enjoy training expert entrepreneurs on how to get into the press with my programme called:

The 7 Secrets on How to Get into the Press. 

In the intensive PR course I teach entrepreneurs who are dynamic, kick ass and ready to ramp up their businesses to the next level as they find brand new clients through the media coverage they have secured for themselves.

During the course, many ‘aha moments’ are made as I dig into their businesses and help them see things that they have potentially missed as they are so “in the thick of it” of the day to day running of the business. I have been told that I am not only helping them learn how to become their own PR agency but they are being helped to strategize their businesses, find new clients and find clarity in their offer.

I would like to share with you this amazing testimonial and having heard Neeta in action, I can say that her work is truly powerful when it comes to mindset:

“Based in USA but working with clients globally, I wanted someone to help me raise my profile globally. Initially, I was wondering whether it would be better to work with someone locally, but after I started working with Amanda, all my doubts disappeared. Amanda is truly knowledgeable, has a wealth of invaluable experience in the PR industry spanning across borders, and really knows how to get things moving. In less than a month, Amanda was able to get me in front of editors and teach me the tips and techniques to successfully engage with them. Amanda truly walks her talk and is of utmost integrity. Amanda is also excellent at helping other entrepreneurs determine how to present their gifts and talents to the press in a way that is genuine to them, but at the same time appeal to the press. On top of that, Amanda’s enthusiasm, positivity and energy makes the process so much fun. I highly recommend Amanda. Thank you Amanda for all your support and dedication, I can’t wait to see what unfolds next!

–          Neeta Hatley (CPA), Business & Career Success Coach & Consultant, Founder of Lifestyle Masterpiece

If you’d like to watch my next free online webinar where I spill the beans on the shifts you need to make so that you can start to self promote in a non-salesly way and find new clients in places you didn’t know existed, then click on the image below to register!

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