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If you are invited to become a VIP client, you will be invited to take part in our famous monthly Pitch Clinics!

We invite leading journalists, producers and planners each month to hear YOUR press pitch.

Each entrepreneur has 5-10 minutes of the expert's time where you will pitch your business idea or angle. You will have personalised laser focused attention on your business or press hook idea.

I personally train you before you pitch so you're not going in freezing cold - just warm and the journalist will be sure to give you some incredible insights on how to improve your pitch or which publications or outlets would be best suited for your brand.

My insider instructions to the journalists are:

"You are to critique their pitch, offer constructive feedback with improvements or recommendations on what they should say more or less of. You can even give them ideas on which outlets could be interested in hearing from them as you show your expertise in journalism to each person on the call"

The meetings are held on Zoom so you can be wherever you are in the world – all you need is strong Wifi. We have the camera and recorder switched on so that you can engage with the expert and also so that you can refer back to their words of wisdom after the Pitch Clinic.

You never know, you may end up with direct invitation to appear in their publication or show! 

Leading journalists who have come on board so far include:

Author and journalist, Lucy Atkins
BBC Producer, Tim Johns
Psychologies editor, Suzy Walker
Psychologies editor at large, Ali Roff
ITV Producer, Sarah Collins
Freelance journalist and broadcaster, Helen Croydon
Broadcaster and journalist, Janey Lee Grace
Freelance journalist, Harriet Minter
Freelance journalist, Amy Pay

My clients have often been invited to contribute and in some cases have had TV appearances - so you never know until you try!

If you would like to do a Pitch Clinic, please email me, Amanda Ruiz at