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If you are looking to secure some FREE press coverage isn’t it about time you started tuning into the media outlets you’d like to appear in?

95% of people who I speak to do not actively listen to the radio or TV shows they’d love to be featured on. Nor are they consuming the printed media online or offline.

In fact, they say they are too busy to do that.

However, they are missing a big big trick here.

Are you guilty too? I mean guilty of aspiring to have some amazing press coverage but not actually reading your dream magazines?

Here’s the thing… It’s really important to tune in for the following reasons:

1.You can react and be the first one to approach the press with your story

2.You will see what your competition is doing…and get inspired by their appearances!

3.You can start to become known as the ‘media friendly’ go-to expert as you are called up to appear as a guest 

4.You will familiarise yourself with the press making your job easier when you pitch!

So what are you waiting for?

Have a think about the publications your target audience reads or the current affair radio and TV programmes they consume and get used to the format and the layout of each outlet.

You can then ‘forensically’ get to know the publication, the journalists and have a huge advantage when you want to pitch.

Below is my a graphic for you where I breakdown the steps.

If you would like any help with pitching to the press, book in a 10 min Find Your Press Hook Call! Look forward to speaking with you!

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