"The 6 month programme that will last you a business lifetime". Amanda Ruiz

Join my VIP Programme 

and get super #VISIBLE with

your hybrid PR agency/ PR programme

to rocket boost your VISIBILITY in your industry

Here is what you get when you join my 6 month programme:

  • Want an agency? Leading broadcast JOURNALIST, Helen Croydon interviews you and creates your bespoke press release or news pitch, ready for distribution and sharing.
  • Want an agency? We do 'Done For You'.  We DISTRIBUTE your press releases to a database of 1000s of journalists. You sit back and wait for the call outs.
  • Want to take control of your PR? You will learn the essential business skill of promoting your profile to the press.
  • Want an agency? You will have the chance to pitch to leading journalists EVERY MONTH.
  • Want an agency? We open up our famous 'Little Black Books' to you for amazing industry introductions.
  • Done By You:  you learn how to pitch to the press and how to find your target publications and TV / radio stations
  • Done By You: You have access to all training materials so you can really become your own company's in-house PR agent!
  • Done With You:  every week you are invited to join the hour long Q+A coaching call where you can ask anything about getting into the press
  • Done with You: You write your press release and we critique it and give you suggestions on how to improve to have a big IMPACT
  • Networking and support: you will be invited to the private Facebook group where you have your questions answered, titles and headlines checked and chance to meet some amazing business owners.

So stop being invisible and get onto your dream TV/radio/news outlet and reach thousands of new clients!

So this is ideal for you if:

You're well known and you want to be seen in yet MORE places!

You're frustrated at your lack of sales...

You're not confident about self-promoting but you know it's important...

You keep seeing your competition being mentioned everywhere..

You'd love press coverage to help boost sales and brand awareness...

And you know that RIGHT NOW is the time to grow your business...

Stop competing with social media noise and get PUBLICITY!

“Being #VISIBLE is an essential part of running a business. You may have the most wonderful products or services but if your website and order books have the unwelcome visitor Tumbleweed, it's time to get out there and be seen!”

In 90 days or less, you could be in the position where you are enjoying your business more as you receive more sales and enquiries as you are seen as a leader in your industry.

Check out our regular Pitch Clinic journalists:

Join the VIP Programme and you will:


You will start to be seen as a leading expert in your industry as more people find out about you.  By raising your head above the parapet, you will get noticed.

Pitch with confidence

You will learn to pitch to journalists and at your networking events with interesting and newsworthy angles just for YOU.

Nail your message

By being able to 'NAIL IT IN 8' (your short and snappy elevator pitch) you will appeal to many more people and make more connections and sales!

"Amanda is more than a PR expert, she is a coach, mentor and supporter"

If you have been on the fence of working with Amanda then get off the fence now and GET involved!

Amanda Ruiz is more than a PR expert.. she is a coach, mentor and supporter. She has your back and wants you to succeed and OMG she OPENS doors!!! She lives up to her name.

I can't believe I'm in serious talks to go on ITV and pitching for some exciting opportunities that I know will change my biz.

So grateful for investing and if you want the media for your biz then you should be investing in a great asset like her,

Noor Hibbert, founder of This is Your Dream

"It has proved to be a good investment"

I first met Amanda at an Enterprise Nation event in 2015. After a year of working on my idea, I contacted her a few months ago to see what she could do with my PR and she suggested I do the PR course. I was very hesitant and unsure because of the cost.

However after looking at the content in more detail I decided to join the course and Facebook group. It has proved to be a good investment as not only I get the knowledge and tricks of the PR trade but Amanda also opens her network to promote my company.

Following a recent press release (which we wrote in like 1 hour one evening) sent out to her contacts, I was very amazed by the number of enquiries I received!! I had Waitrose and BBC Food Magazine enquiring about my products! One month on, I'm still dealing with all the press requests to feature in magazines!

This is only the beginning and I can't wait to see how we progress!' (Since writing Rose was featured in glossy food mag Olive and many trade publications!)

Rose Yombo, founder of Neema Foods

"Amanda is a contagiously motivated mentor"

"I am Josie Copsey and I help corporate individuals to enjoy their job with a great work life balance. My website is www.aeracuralifecoaching.co.uk

Since joining Amanda’s VIP PR Programme I have learnt so much from the opportunities Amanda presents on this programme - Expert TEDx Talks, pitching to the journalist which have been fantastic and something no other programme out there offers.

Amanda is really good at keeping you connected with the group and organising leading experts to share their wisdom with you. Amanda is a contagiously motivated mentor which spurs you on even more…Amanda is here to help you shine to the world and that she will most definitely do!!

I can’t wait for the rest of the journey as I know there are more fab experts to come and the connections I will make….thanks Amanda!"

"Amanda is really good at 'sexifying headlines which makes all the difference whether your pitch stands out or not!" Caroline Bobart


Q I am time poor. What is the TIME investment required to get the most out of the programme?

A​ I recommend you give yourself 1-2 hours a week to dedicate to this essential life business skill which is learning how to self-promote and do your own PR. You could even do a POWER PR HOUR each week. Doing one hour a week will see the compound effect and it will become easier to self-promote.

Q I can't afford it right now.

A We have payment plans to help you spread the payments. 

Q I have just invested in another programme, can I fit it in?

A This 12 month programme is designed to work in tandem with your working week. It will compliment any other training you are doing, as to become visible is often the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle, but the one essential element that gets left off

Get your brand much more VISIBLE

"Amanda's programme sets you off clearly on the path of knowing exactly what you do..."

I am Caroline Diana Bobart. I am a Life-Change Strategist and I help frazzled, ex-corporate, business mum owners who have lost their confidence and identity, re-invent themselves post-birth, website: www.carolinediana.com. Since joining Amanda’s programme I have been learning a lot from being in the company of other entrepreneurs who are also trying to bring their very unique, heartfelt offerings into a mainstream world. I have been seeing that there is actually a completely different language that you need to learn in order to communicate clearly with your ideal client - and that oftentimes this requires the practitioner to attain a more accessible, grounded view of how their work impacts the world.

Amanda is really good at helping you take big, lofty concepts and relate them to everyday situations, people and life. This really helps you articulate yourself and what you do in a way that is both relevant and urgent. It is so essential that you get this right because it is the very foundation upon which all your self-promo and future business-building ventures will be built. Getting all your ducks in a row is an expression that you'll hear Amanda use a lot.

I can’t wait for the rest of the journey because it is very easy as an entrepreneur to find yourself frenzied, busy and always 'working at stuff' - stuff that won't necessarily have any impact on your bank balance - which for almost all small businesses is a dire need. Amanda's  programme sets you off clearly on the path of knowing exactly what you do and for whom so you can start getting your message out into the world in a way that speaks directly to the clients you want to bring in.

Join our fab group of highly talented entrepreneurs and see your business FLY!

"You will LOVE being part of a group of expert entrepreneurs with one sole goal: to become MORE #VISIBLE."

Be seen as the go-to media friendly expert!

Learn a business skill for life as you promote your company with ease.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • PR Hybrid Programme: Done by you, Done with you, Done FOR you PR 
  • Your press hooks and golden nuggets, NAILED
  • Pitch practise to leading journalists
  • Support network and excellent introductions

All this now for just:


Grow your business and attract more clients!

Get #VISIBLE and stop competing with all the social media noise.