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Happy New Year! I hope you had a great festive period and are easing gently into January.

Are you thinking about which media outlets to approach this year in order to secure some awesome publicity for your brand so that new customers can find you?

I often get asked which magazines are the best to target. My stock answer is: the ones that your audience read!

However if you don’t know that answer quite yet, for your inspo, the best magazine to buy to kick-start 2019 is undoubtedly Psychologies as it’s a mix of excellent advice, life lessons and well being.

With its huge focus on ‘human interest’ be it giving relationship advice, health tips, confidence building, vision and mindset, no wonder many clients list Psychologies as THE DREAM publication to feature in.

Have you got your copy yet? 

The publication is put together with such love and care by Editor-in-chief Suzy Walker (a regular guest on my PR Pitch Clinics) and her team and this edition is no exception, just take a look at the contents pages below.

I can’t wait to devour it, get inspired and to soak up all the advice and tips from experts that Suzy and co have hand sourced. 

We are celebrating a win today at Team Ruiz as our client, author Christine Clayfield (see below) has a lovely double page dedicated to her bravery. She wrote a book called No Fourth River as she re-told her life story of domestic abuse and bullying but ending in her thriving using the strength of her mind and positive attitude. 

In her feature on bravery in the magazine, her top tip is ‘Whatever your past has been, don’t blame it for who you are today…’

This is really a flavour of the content of the magazine and it’s no wonder why Psychologies is not only a very popular read, but also a wish-list magazine for our clients.

How did we get her in? Networking, relationship building, right place right face (literally), right expert to offer when the call out was made…

Take a look at this article I wrote on how to get featured, it includes an interview with the editor:

Now, the one action I am going to do right after I have written this is to thank both Suzy and the journalist, Rin Hamburgh who wrote the piece. That’s Step 7 in my 7 Step Process on How to Get into the Press!

It is so important to show gratitude towards the journalists / planner / editor / producer – whoever has facilitated your mention or feature as you never know, they made need to call on your services again.

One simple thank you can go a very long way. And it’s an unexpected email into their inboxes which will be overloaded with press releases and editorial briefs – the words thank you will make them smile and remind them that they’re doing a good job.

Finally, in case you haven’t heard it on the grapevine, I am running a virtual training event on January 9th. I will be going over our 2019 PR Planner which has over 50 events and giving ideas on how to find events that you can tie your business in with during the year.

It’s a live event with Q+A at the end, so block out your diary and come along as you’re very welcome!

You can grab your 2019 PR Planner here: and you will see the live virtual workshop link on the same page.

Have a good rest of the week and fab start to the New Year!

PS Thank goodness I don’t write cheques any more as I never can get used to the new year date!!!

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