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2024: Third Year Of Fundraising. Target Just £1000 – Please Donate!

2023: She swam again for Afghanistan and surpassed target of £500 by £500!!

2022: She Swam for Afghanistan and surpassed target of £2500 by £8!!

Fundraising Swim for Afghanistan

 Hi and salam! 👋 Thank you for popping by.

On July 3, I will be swimming the furthest I have ever swam in my life: 4km



The event is the Castle Endurance Series in a lake at Hever Castle.


This will be a huge personal challenge and every time I train and every stroke I take, the fact that I have the opportunity to raise funds for ACAA (Afghanistan and Central Asian Association) who will help the starving really spurs me on.


My target is £2500 and I would like to kindly ask that you sponsor me: £10 / £15 / £20 / £50 ++ or anything you can spare




I have chosen the charity ACAA as the funds will go *direct* to the hands of the starving women and children who’s lives have been so devastated since the Taliban took over last August.



PS Watch my BBC Essex interview below!