Thinking of taking on a PR agency?

Want to get your new product or service launched in the press?

Want to raise YOUR profile and pitch to the radio, TV and newspapers?

Would you like to attract more enquiries and sales to your business?

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A: PR is essential for your business for the following 6 reasons:

1. SALES: New and prospective clients reading the article will discover you, which could lead to new sales leads

2. STAND OUT: You will stand out from the crowd in your market place, and your competitors will sit up and think…

3. SEO: Once your article is published in the major news outlet, your name and website link (if included) will be picked up by the search engines and will boost your rankings

4. AUTHORITY: your existing client base will be pleased to see you being published, this will back up their choice in using your company, it might even spur them on to make a new enquiry as they may have discovered a new product or service in the article

5. SHARE: It is an opportunity to share the link with your client base and on your website which in turn may get shared even further

6. IMPRESSIVE: The journalist has been impressed enough with your product or service to include you in their article. This is excellent for your credibility


Would you love to have the confidence to pitch to the journalists?

Would you love to know what to say and what not to say when pitching to your dream journalist?

Would you like to have a press release template that really works?

Would you like to stop relying on WOM (word of mouth) for referrals?

Would you like to enjoy the kudos and credibility of appearing in the press?


And would you like to have a hybrid PR agency experience? You learn, we do, you do, you get into the press!


1. A full *12 months* of access to PR Mentor and Trainer, Amanda Ruiz, who is known as The Ultimate Door Opener for very good reasons! Plus access to journalist, broadcaster and author Helen Croydon. Your very own Power PR Team!

2. A PR VIP Day at The Century Club so we can map out your 12 months of PR and getting #VISIBLE

3. PR Implementation Days x 4 (one every quarter). We do a group call (on Zoom) where you do your 'hard to do' actions or PR Planning or writing up your press release...anything you choose, and over 4 hours, we will make sure it's done!

4.  Press Mastery One Day events (x 2 during the 12 months). A guest journo will be invited for an hour's media training and Amanda will give PR training. Great opportunity to collaborate, connect and learn!

5. DONE-FOR-YOU (i): When you press release is ready, it will be uploaded to the PR distribution platform which 1000's of journalists are registered to (AKA the Press Release Check and Send Service)

6. DONE-FOR-YOU (ii): When you press release is ready (we critique it and suggest amends), it will be emailed out to an extensive list of key journalists in your sector / relevant to your story.

7. In the first 8 weeks, you will work through the 8 modules (listed below). Any time you get stuck, ask a question! We are here to help you

8. Access to the amazing private Facebook Group which is a thriving community of talented entrepreneurs who are all on the same journey - growing their company's visibility and client base

9. Weekly 60 min Q+A sessions where you can ask Amanda ANYTHING about how to get into the press, how to find your golden nugget, how to come up with a great headline that will make the journalist's eyes light up! That is up to 48 hours of time talking about YOUR business!

10. Access to Amanda's Little Black Book of contacts AND access to the UK journalist database so you don't need to go searching for the contact details 

Plus Pitch Clinics Slots once a month! 

Plus access life-time access to the PR training modules:



You want to appear in the press but you may not yet have the confidence to appear in the press. In this first module, you will learn the importance of setting out your vision, getting your mindset adjusted from no to GO and lastly why you must switch on your PR RADAR.



So once you have taken the steps to see where you'd like to take your business and why you'd like to take it there, the next actions are to find out which is the right and relevant press hook (or press angle) for your business. Before you move on, you must go digging for your 'golden nugget' that the press will love.  You will do an in depth exercise that will really help you define what makes you stand out from the crowd.



As you are the PR + Marketing machine for your company, it is important to understand your client profiles. In this module you will look hard at your ideal/perfect client and see where they hang out, then you will get inspired by the competition - what are the gaps they are leaving, and lastly you will start to stalk (in a nice way) your dream journalists. 



Before you approach the press, it is highly advisable that you get your ducks into order and straighten out your PR Toolkit. In this module, you will learn what you should have in place before you start writing up your press release.



You will be taken through examples of how to write a press release, what must be included in the press release and what will make it stand out from ALL the others that land in the journalists' inboxes every day. Use the template to create your very own press release. You will also see the various bios that you must have up your sleeve for you to use when they are requested or more importantly when you are self-promoting!



You must be targeted in your PR Plan of Action  - it is not a 'spray and pray' campaign.  In this module you will fill out the PR Plan of Action checklist so that you can be on track with your PR Campaign.



All your ducks are now well and truly in order by now, and the last part of the PR process before you start contacting the journalists you have had your eye on is to create your PR Campaign. Here you will learn what to say and what NOT to say to the journalists, where and when to start, so you have a successful campaign!



This module is very important as you will see the do's and don'ts of what to do once you have secured that press coverage that you deserve. Also you will learn what to do with the journalist who has just featured you.


Go to:

And become #VISIBLE!

If you have been on the fence of working with Amanda then get off the fence now and GET involved.

Amanda Ruiz is more than a PR expert.. she is a coach, mentor and supporter.

She has your back and wants you to succeed and OMG she OPENS doors!!! She lives up to her name.

I can't believe I'm in serious talks to go on ITV and pitching for some exciting opportunities that I know will change my biz.

So grateful for investing and if you want the media for your biz then you should be investing in a great asset like her.

Noor Hibbert

I first met Amanda at an Enterprise Nation event in 2015. After a year of working on my idea, I contacted her a few months ago to see what she could do with my PR and she suggested I do the PR course. I was very hesitant and unsure because of the cost.

However after looking at the content in more detail I decided to join the course and Facebook group. It has proved to be a good investment as not only I get the knowledge and tricks of the PR trade but Amanda also opens her network to promote my company.

Following a recent press release (which we wrote in like 1 hour one evening) sent out to her contacts, I was very amazed by the number of enquiries I received!! I had Waitrose and BBC Food Magazine enquiring about my products! One month on, I'm still dealing with all the press requests to feature in magazines!

This is only the beginning and I can't wait to see how we progress!' (Since writing Rose was featured in glossy food mag Olive!)

Rose Jombo

I am Caroline Diana Bobart. I am a Life-Change Strategist and I help frazzled, ex-corporate, business mum owners who have lost their confidence and identity, re-invent themselves post-birth, website:

Since joining Amanda’s VIP programme: The Ultimate PR Course, I have been learning so much about how vitally important it is to really niche down in order to create an effective pitch.

The process of getting into the press that she leads you through would take months if not years to nail on your own, and even if you were able to do that, there is no replacing her network of contacts and associates that she gives you access to once you're ready to go.

From switching on your 'PRdar' to getting into the right mindset, creating pitches, press releases and generally learning the ropes, Amanda's VIP programme provides it all.

She is brilliant at sexifying headlines and turning green 'novice speak' into seasoned 'journospeak' - which makes all the difference between whether your pitch stands out - or not.

I can’t wait for the rest of the journey because there are so many opportunities she provides each month from which you can continue to learn and grow.

From weekly intimate Q&A calls, exclusive training calls with well-known experts, practice pitching to real-life journalists to crafting your press releases and getting them out into the world, Amanda is always on-hand to give constructive feedback and support with taking your very next steps.

She is so knowledgeable, connected, accessible and engaged. If you are ready and 110% committed to taking your business and your visibility to the next level, working closely with Amanda in her high-impact VIP programme is a must. (Since the time of writing, Caroline successfully pitched to the editor or Psychologies Magazine and is now writing for the online platform, LifeLabs.

Caroline Bobart

I am Josie Copsey and I help corporate individuals to enjoy their job with a great work life balance.

My website is Since joining Amanda’s VIP 6 month PR programme I have gained clarity on my message and fine tuned my target audience.

With Amanda’s help I have also successfully submitted my first press release to raise stress awareness, using Amanda’s amazing template, which grabbed the attention from various publications and an offer to write for Yoga magazine. Amanda is really good at giving you a different perspective to something that you become so absorbed in on a daily basis.

Being part of Amanda’s programme is not just about learning to get yourself visible, Amanda treats you like a VIP and reaches out to see if you need any help on your journey, which as an entrepreneur working on your own makes all the difference. On the programme, I have learnt so much from the opportunities Amanda presents - Expert TED X Talks, pitching to the journalist which have been fantastic and something no other programme out there offers.

Amanda is really good at keeping you connected with the group and organising leading experts to share their wisdom with you. Amanda is a contagiously motivated mentor which spurs you on even more…Amanda is here to help you shine to the world and that she will most definitely do!! I can’t wait for the rest of the journey because working with Amanda I know there are so many more exciting things to come!

(PS Since Josie wrote this, she successfully pitched to the editor of Psychologies Magazine and is now a Life Labs Leader!! CONGRATS JOSIE!!)

Josie Copsey

6 weeks and and straight to the BBC! Amanda Ruiz is the Mary Poppins of PR; she makes the medicine go down in the most delightful way! Have you got your #PRDAR hat on? Your ducks in order? Your bag of golden nuggets and your PR Toolkit ready to go? If not, then this is the course for you...

Lisa Willner

I had been thinking of enrolling in a PR course for quite sometime . By chance a friend of mine recommended Amanda's 7 PR Secrets on how to get into the press. This 8 week course has been amazing, so many golden nuggets of information to help me feel a lot more confident about writing a press release.

Bunmi Aboaba                 

Amanda was the best professional recommendation I’ve received. Daily Mail here I come! We've already secured coverage in our local newspaper!

Cathie Shearn                 

Based in USA but working with clients globally, I wanted someone to help me raise my profile globally. Initially, I was wondering whether it would be better to work with someone locally, but after I started working with Amanda, all my doubts disappeared. Amanda is truly knowledgeable, has a wealth of invaluable experience in the PR industry spanning across borders, and really knows how to get things moving. In less than a month, Amanda was able to get me in front of editors and teach me the tips and techniques to successfully engage with them and get published! Amanda truly walks her talk and is of utmost integrity.

Neeta Hatley                 

I  joined Amanda's PR course because I find it pretty intimidating to try to get into the press. Amanda just makes it so simple. She fits you out with some great tools, changing your mindset and making you realise when and where you not only could be in the press, but should be. Since starting the course I've been in a local paper and I've helped a friend get featured in Forbes magazine.

Solveig Malvik


Go to:

And become #VISIBLE!