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From The Observer, Sunday Telegraph to the Sun!

Watch my video where I do the Sunday Papers review from a PR point of view!

If you have ever read the Sunday papers online or offline and spotted an amazing company that has made you look it up then go to purchase the very product mentioned, then you will realise that is is the pure power of PR at work and NOT an expensive advert.

Have you bought a book that has been mentioned in a podcast or on a radio show because the author was on that programme being interviewed? I certainly have. Again, this is the power of PR at work.

The reason that is works so well is that you (and me) are the target audience for that media outlet by the simple fact that you have TUNED IN and are absorbing the messages.

Do you ever record XFactor or Poldark and skip through the ads? Or do you ever switch off the radio when the ads come on? Again, I do! Or sometimes I keep the ads on so I can keep abreast with the new products or trends locally or nationally.

However in these instances, you have the choice to tune in or off as these are ads that are coming at you.

Journalists review a product or service because they have more often than not experienced that offering and will also tend to be unbiased and give their true feelings about the experience PLUS they will also research similar products so that they can offer an impartial point of view to give comparisons and alternatives to give more substance to the story.

This will be UNPAID PR. This will not be an expensive advert .

PR can give you game-changing results – from your phone ringing red hot with enquiries, or your inbox bursting with orders, the kudos and credibility in adding the press logos to your website and sharing with your clientbase, to enquiries from potential collaborators who hadn’t heard of you before.

I had a 5 minute slot on LBC a few weeks ago and as a result of coming onto the Clive Bull and Emma Jones Business Hour (every Monday at 9pm) I had an enquiry from a business woman in Scandinavia who is now my client.

That is what I call the power of PR. 

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