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Do you hate the thought of self-promotion but secretly realise just how important it is for your business?

Last year I surveyed over *100 business owners who shared their biggest challenges on self-promotion. Here are the headline stats:

33% said I don’t know where to self-promote

28% said I don’t know what to say or do

Coming in a tie, 16% said I lack the self-confidence and 16% said I think people will think I am showing off

(*please note some respondents gave more than one response)

I would like to give you the good news.

Self-promotion is FREE. 

However if YOU don’t self-promote then who will? (unless you are paying an expensive PR agency).

By doing self-promo, you’ll position yourself as THE expert/industry authority and start getting speaking gig invites and will soon be as visible as your competition!

You will need to practise and you’ll reap the benefits: by getting into the press online and offline

You just need to do one activity a day. And that is not you pushing yourself out there by being really salesy, it’s actually you HELPING other people – such as journalists or leading industry influencers so you can get onto their radars.

I call it the 80/20 rule.

80% is helping other people and 20% is you actively promoting an event or new offer you have.

If you are stuck at what activity to do, I have a fab gift for you…it’s my 31 Day Self-Promo Calendar and it is loaded with 31 different self-promo activities you can do each day.

Here is the link:        

Below is my a graphic for you where I breakdown the steps.

If you would like any help with pitching to the press, book in a 10 min Find Your Press Hook Call! Look forward to speaking with you!

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