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Today at Ruiz PR HQ we’re celebrating a massive piece of media exposure for a client who has a very different service to offer…

But first off, hats off to Janet Tarasofsky who is a super action taker. This is the primary reason why she got the coverage.

We’ve been on each other’s radars for a year or so now and in the summer she booked a PR VIP Day as she was about to launch a new spin on corporate training – helping employees have difficult conversations using rap as the method to work out what and how your going to tell them they…have BO / talk over you in meetings / gossip too much / you name the office problem.

Janet is an award winning speaker and this week launched herself as a motivational rapper for the workplace.

Three weeks ago we had our VIP Day ending at 4pm where I handed over her PR Plan of Action and we both walked off into the sunset.

What very pleasantly surprised me was that literally the next day she was on my case asking me to check her proposed press release. She was given some excellent tips from my CNN editor colleague during the day together and added these pointers into the release.

I then asked my other journalist colleague to give the press release a sanity check which she did, after she’d made some amends from my initial once over. For example I suggested she only have text in black as the highlights in red would probably not be appreciated by a busy journalist and they are adept at scanning through documents to spot the golden nuggets.

Then it was ready to press send on our mass distribution service once the killer headline was in place. See the release here.

Janet got back in touch with me to say that she’d had two bites of interest…one a columnist from The Times and the other an editor from a glossy health magazine.

So this was proof, her new concept had legs.

Janet is thrilled at the media attention and is rolling up her sleeves to seek out more.

On Wednesday night eight of my clients did a Pitch Clinic to a journalist from The Sunday Times and Janet opened the floor with a brilliant rap to get us all in the mood.

Afterwards, the journalist told me how articulate every one of my clients was and that she’d be able to work with them in some way, be it her or recommending the clients to her colleagues.

So I think it is fair to say that Janet is well on her way to securing the 3 C’s:

Clients…as the article had a direct link to Janet’s website, let’s hope they come flocking!

This is what she says:

Honestly, Amanda is amazing! Best investment you’ll ever make. She is not only well connected but well intentioned and a great support as you go through the experience, esp if it’s your first round! Thank you for everything Amanda! 

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