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Women’s radio programmes made by women for women: Irreverent & Honest

A unique radio station run from London, where you’ll only hear the female voice.
Radio Gorgeous has been dubbed Woman’s Hour with lipstick – a glossy magazine of intelligence, fun and irreverence.
The audience are women aged 35-55 who are taste makers, opinion-formers and are sociable networkers who want to support other women.
Subscribers wait for their weekly newsletter that announces the latest Radio Gorgeous podcasts where intelligent, witty and sometimes risqué and always very interesting interviews are conducted in the following areas:

  • Author of the week
  • Wellbeing, Sex & Beauty
  • Food & Drink
  • Fashion and Living
  • Escapes
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Lives
  • Entertainment

Radio Gorgeous was created in 2013 by smooth-toned Josephine Pembroke, an ex-BBC Radio journalist. Every week she has a “Gorgeous Gossip” with her deep honey voiced colleague from New York, Donna Freed, where you will hear them sharing some exciting antics they have got up to in the past week. These could be the best bits if it wasn’t for the amazing interviews they have asking very penetrating questions to the likes of Twiggy, Shirley Conran, The Dangerous Women, Miranda Richardson, Kate Mosse, Jo Wood, Rachel Johnson, Emma Bridgewater and Kate Adie to name a few.

It’s a mix of 80% talk and 20% music and the podcasts are actively listened to, they are strictly not for the background. Listeners’ friends and families are hushed up so they can be heard!

A Radio Gorgeous woman might one moment be hearing about the latest biography, then, the latest film and, afterwards, the latest beauty product. And sex is never far away…

A Radio Gorgeous woman is trustworthy, outspoken and enthusiastic – a lover of life, colourful and active. A Radio Gorgeous woman likes to be seen as healthy, wealthy and wise.

Subscribe today and enjoy some most excellent company!

Get a flavour of the excellent programmes here: