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Quidditch, ‘O’ Quidditch, the unusual sport,

The crowd and the broomsticks, the flags and the court,

The black, darkened room, where the players await,

Ready to go through the thick black gate.

They’re nervous, they’re anxious, they’re starting to itch,

While thinking, “Come on!’’, we need that gold snitch!!

Alas the doors open they all start to worry,

Despite they all enter with an ushering hurry.

The crowd all go wild, an ear splitting noise,

The players are ready, and all start to poise.

The game is competitive, the game is quite challenging

The players can’t cope, but one team can take the win,

The players all hope.

The game is all over, there is no ear-splitting din,

But guess what? Griffindor, they’ve taken the win!

They celebrate wildly with a mouth-watering feast,

And all chat amongst themselves saying, “That game was a beast!’’

By Felix Ruiz, 10 years old

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