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What a pleasure it was to interview the lovely Suzy Walker, Editor-in-Chief of Psychologies Magazine.

In the 30 minute interview you'll learn about how there has been a huge surge in demand for the magazine, the new community Psychologies has created, the most popular Facebook Live sessions that experts have given and also if you too are an expert, she shares her inbox secrets (#DontAskDontGet ?)  and how to catch the eye of a very busy editor when you send in an email pitch!

Suzy and her team were ahead of the curve having started remote working 2.5 years ago but have had to make quite a few adjustments to the forward features as some of them aren't quite relevant whilst we're in lockdown.

It was awesome to interview her with the lovely stained glass window as her backdrop - her home is a 46ft canal boat, what a most perfect location for lockdown. She says she's really enjoying it as it's so beautiful, peaceful and quiet, no more rushing around the country going from meeting to meeting. She is loving living a simple life.

Demand for the magazine has grown hugely as people realise that this publication is the place to go for self-help advice. 

Suzy says: "Never in history has there ever been a time more important to learn the tools of Emotional Intelligence and how to look after our mental health.  The Psychologies readers are very emotionally intelligent but more than ever we need the tools on how to handle anxiety, talk to our children about the pandemic, how to build our resilience and for those new to the community, we have been creating a beginners guide to Emotional Intelligence on how to navigate this weird and wonderful time".

So it's not surprising that the website traffic is up by 70% and subscriptions are up 60%.

I spotted that the Facebook page which had around 900k likes last year is now at 1.3m - wow!! Congrats Psychologies!

You'll hear about JOLO (joy of missing out) - it's no more a case of FOMO, and I say hear hear to that!

Plus you'll hear Suzy's post lockdown prediction of how life could change, for the better after 'The Great Pause'.

I couldn't interview Suzy without asking for her top tips on pitching to this incredible magazine, so do watch the video as we take a sneak peak into her inbox as she reveals some email headings that she opened! When I spoke to hear a few years ago her inbox was bursting at 70,000 unread emails, so you'll get a real insight on how you should hone your message.

She said that never before have they been so hungry for content.

Is Psychologies your DREAM magazine to contribute to? I have helped countless clients successfully pitch and be invited to write for their LifeLabs blogging platform, do Facebook Lives, be interviewed for online and print articles, offer content for The Dossier...the list goes on.

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