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Have you had to totally change your offering or the way you work as a result of the pandemic?

The press are featuring interesting and inspiring stories on how people are being so adaptable to change and we need your good news stories now more than ever!

So if you have recently have had a volte face on the delivery of your service or product, check out the 5 steps on pitching your pivot!

First off I will give some examples of a 'pivot'.

Savile Row tailor gives virtual fittings:

Alexandra Wood who is famed for being Savile Row's first female tailor and disrupting a male dominated industry can no longer do fittings in the world's most famous bespoke street.

Her clients (ranging from well known politicians, magazine editors and discerning and stylish men) are still booking appointments for suit fittings for weddings (some may be via Zoom!), events and even to look sharp in virtual meetings whilst working from home.

She has pivoted and is offering her unique service remotely via Zoom. So it's a case of Groom in your Zoom Fitting Room.

Lighting company swerves production to create sneeze guards

Carousel Lights has hit the headlines as they are contributing to the national effort to help protect essential workers as well as healthcare workers. 

They normally produce funky neon light displays for shops, festivals and events but they are now producing not-for-profit sneeze screens for use in cafes, GP surgeries, convenience stores, pharmacies...the list goes on. The acrylic that would normally go in front of the lights is being diverted to the protective screens. Brilliant!

So how can you pitch your pivot to the press?


Keep an eye on the Twittter hashtag: #JOURNOREQUEST You will see journalists making call outs daily, hourly, minutely (does that exist??!) for case studies, quotes and experts. Often (ATM) the query will be for a Covid-19 related story (not always but very often) you may see a way to introduce your new pivot. If they're not asking specifically about a pivot they could ask: how have you (or your biz) responded creatively to the pandemic? 

Look at the industry relevant journalists, for example Alex Wood saw a call out for a round up of wedding related news for a wedding magazine, got in touch fast about her remote fitting service and will be published a few week's time (twice as she pitched it twice! Full marks to the disruptor!!!


You may be feeling low or have waves of OMG how do I get my business out there, especially in these very challenging times???

First off, this is very, very natural when we are in such unchartered waters (I know that word is being overused at the moment) to want to shout from the roof tops about your amazing new idea but people will want to and will need to hear about your new product or service.

Remember, selling is serving and if your product will help people perform better / be more confident / have cleaner hands (think brewery now making hand sanitiser) / look better presented/ or whatever your pivot does, the public will want to hear from you. You can do this via a journalist if they pick up on your story. Give yourself the permission to self-promote because if you don't, then who will do it for you? Just remember the 80:20 rule. 80% of the time you're helping people and only 20% of the time you're ouvertly promoting yourself. 


If you watched my interviews with both Bianca Barratt, journalist and Suzy Walker, editor of Psychologies magazine, they both talk about the overflowing inboxes, and they are more overflowing than ever as face to face meetings are all cancelled and everyone is working from home.

Journalists still need to hear from you as they have pages to fill and can't just write about their usual contacts, so catch their attention with a very well written headline.

Suzy Walker said five to seven words max. She read out a pivot of sorts - Bhudda Pants creates washable face masks. Then she shared these examples: Shamanic practices for spiritual immunity / Eating well during what is your pivot and how will you head it up?

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