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Have you heard of the PR Snowball?

If you haven’t, this is my definition: 

You get one piece of press coverage and you reach that media outlet’s audience.

Then…within that media outlet’s audience, another media outlet picks up on the story.

You are then invited to another media outlet to share your message.

The PR snowball is growing bigger.

Then, you get an invite to speak at an event thanks to the first piece of press coverage.

Then you gain more clients and the PR snowball gets bigger and bigger.

This is exactly what happened to Careers Expert Judy Bullimore who was featured in Huff Post.

She has now been featured twice there and has been invited by a leader in her industry to present in front of 1000 potential clients.

Or take Maaha Suleiman, creator of CareMatched, a world first app that culturally matches care workers with care receivers.

As a result of a piece in The Caring Times, she has had the opportunity for appearing on the BBC and Forbes and now a conference speaking gig!

I LOVE a PR Snowball!

Would you like the opportunity to pitch to leading outlets such as Huff Post, The Times, Prima, Red, Platinum etc?

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