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On Tuesday I was a guest for Enterprise Nation's 'lunch and learn' session 'PR in times of uncertainty' hosted by founder Emma Jones.

It was a 30 minute power Q+A session where the audience fired questions about how they could seek publicity / whether they should seek publicity / and where they could promote their businesses during these uncertain times.

I was told it was a heavily subscribed lunch time session which was great to hear that entrepreneurs are still wanting to promote their businesses despite the lockdown and economic climate.

Some of the questions Emma and the audience asked me were:

How should businesses manage their PR at this difficult time?

What is the angle businesses should be adopting when approaching journalists?

Is it appropriate right now to share good news stories?

How can a business owner best contact a journalist and how do they know which publication to contact?

What's an example of a good headline for an email to catch the attention of a busy journalist?

How do you connect with a journalist on Twitter?

How do you get the attention of a journalist so you stand out in their overflowing inbox?

What publications would be good for the education sector?

How do I get local PR?

Scroll down to watch the video and you will hear my replies.

Click here to learn more about Enterprise Nation. It is a fabulous organisation that supports small businesses and hosts multiple events (currently all virtual) throughout the year offering entrepreneurs help and advice on all the aspects of running a business: marketing, accountancy and finance, export, import, manufacturing...the list goes on.

I have been involved with Enterprise Nation since 2008 and am proud to say I am their unofficial brand ambassador (I've given myself that role!) as they have taught me so much, supported me, enabled me to be crowned Top PR Adviser of 2018 with one of their many campaigns and they regularly invite me to give masterclasses in PR.

Join today, it's a no brainer if you are looking at running a business! The team is so friendly and it's a lovely community to be involved with.

If you'd like help on getting your business visible during this challenging time, please book a call with me!