Generate Maximum Press Exposure with the 2021 PR Planner so you can be seen EVERYWHERE

Know just when to  grab the attention of busy journalists by being proactive

Finally your get the right pitches in the right place at the right time so you can gain publicity for your brand

Be seen EVERYWHERE as you pitch to busy journalists AHEAD OF TIME...

My PR Calendar 2021 will help you plan your year so you're not being 'random' and missing essential dates

Can you imagine securing press coverage for your business?

My PR Calendar 2021 is an essential resource for every serious business owner who is serious about getting in front of busy journalists.

It has over 68 dates across the calendar that you can potentially 'peg' your story / launch / event / product to.

Journalists like it when entrepreneurs have done their homework and are linking their pitches to something that has just happened in the news or better still, to an event that is going to happen.

How can you find out these dates that 'are going to happen'? You download this awesome PR tool and check out all the dates in the calendar and decide which ones you could tie in your products or services to.

If you're not feeling very creative, DO NOT WORRY, in this calendar, we have even given you suggestions on how you can link your products to each event.

In addition, we give you the 'pitching windows'. Gone are the days that you are kicking yourself for missing an essential deadline - with the pitch windows, there is no excuse to miss those important dates any more.

I know this from bitter experience when I was running my ecommerce knitwear brand. I kept on missing the deadlines and seeing my competition smiling up at me from the glossy magazines.

We are here to help you.

So help yourself.

Go on, you're welcome!

Download it now and get into your dream publications!

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