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On Sunday I was thrilled to be featured in Fabulous magazine in an article talking about how I have had a post break up glow up!

I went to the photo shoot back in September so it has been really hard to not be able to talk about it!

How and why did I get the opportunity?

I saw a journalist call-out asking if anyone over 50 has had a post separation or divorce glow up.

This certainly had my name all over it as I have only just got divorced (a long 3 year process!) and in that time, I have gone from everyday mum outfits 😬 to rocking leopard print (my new addiction!) and wild water swimming.

If you go to Twitter on a very regular basis – I recommend twice a day for 10-15 mins a day at let’s say 10.30am and 3.30pm, and you put into the search window #journorequest or for more specificity, you also add your industry hashtag, eg #beauty or #mentalhealth or #careers this will show up the most recent tweets that journalists have put out looking for people to feature.

PR Tip: be sure to press LATEST as opposed to TOP in the search part so you see literally the very latest journo call out

I went for this opportunity as firstly it was so relevant to me right now, secondly I love doing photoshoots and have a new batch of profile pics and thirdly I have shared it with my community, clients and colleagues so that they (and you!) can see I walk my talk!

Did you see the piece this Sunday?

BTW don’t forget, when pitching to the press, it doesn’t always need to be about your company and its wonderful products or services, you can also seek out personal profile pieces.

Do you have an interesting backstory you’d like to share with the world?

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