VIP Pitch Clinic 

We hand-pick leading journalists to be the guest expert at our famous 60 min Pitch Clinics. We're told by them it's the MOST TIME EFFICIENT method of meeting talented and articulate business owners like YOU who have breaking news or interesting backstories for their news outlet.

Your opportunity to shine to a journalist in a safe environment where you are guided by Amanda

Do your pitch with 5 - 8 other VIP clients and get live feedback on the spot and learn from the others!

Here are some stellar names who have been my guest journalist / producer / editor experts on the 60 min Pitch Clinics: 

Suzy Walker, Psychologies Editor-in-Chief

CNN editor, Beth Howe

Daily Mail journalist, Myron Jobson

Ali Roff, Psychologies Editor at Large

ITV producers (This Morning)

BBC producers (Jeremy Vine Show)

Emma Jones, The Mirror

Freelancers and broadcasters Lucy Atkins, Harriet Minter, Helen Croydon,  Janey Lee Grace, Amy Pay to name a few.

Often the VIPs (is that you?) are invited to contribute to the expert journalist's publication / TV show

    • We set up a recorded conference call using Zoom. Each VIP entrepreneur has 5-10 minutes where you will pitch your business idea or angle  as though you’re meeting the journalist for the first time. So it's really real, but not too scary as Amanda chairs the meeting and will brief you beforehand on best tips / angles.
    • The journalist critiques your pitch, offers constructive feedback with improvements or recommendations on what you could say more or less of. They even give you ideas on which outlets could be most interested in hearing from you if you're not quite a right fit for their publication.
    • The meeting is held on Zoom so you can be wherever you are in the world – all you need is strong Wifi. We have the camera and recorder switched on so that you can engage with the journalist (so better than a phone call or email) . Don't worry if you don't take notes at the time as you  can refer back to their words of wisdom after the Pitch Clinic via the recording.

In a nutshell you will get the opportunity like no other in doing a pitch to a leading journalist in a safe and friendly environment whilst you get some on the spot feedback to help your PR journey and getting #VISIBLE!

You will also meet some other interesting entrepreneurs who you may wish to do a JV with later on or keep in contact as you may have some interests in common. Another WIN:WIN! So book your call to find out more...

Hop onto a PR ME Now Discovery Call and we can see how PR can help super charge your visibility for 2020 with a BANG!

An extremely time efficient way to see experts.

'Amanda's pitch clinic is great and it's useful to hear quick-fire showcase of Amanda's best clients.' Suzy Walker, Psychologies, Editor-in-Chief.

Suzy Walker, Editor-in-Chief, Psychologies Magazine

My expert journalists are waiting to hear the pitches, are you ready with yours?