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When I started my first business back in 2008 a business friend said to me that it is important to do at least one promotional activity every single day. I took this rather to the extreme and became hell bent on making sure I approached a journalist every single day. The great news is that it worked! I got featured in many of the national newspapers and glossies relevant to my target audience.

At the end of each working day, when reflecting on how that day had gone, I would beat myself up for not doing a promo activity as I know how important it is to promote (but in a non-pushy way). It’s rather like runners who need to go for their daily run, they kinda get addicted to it as they know the benefits of keeping fit.

So I see doing non-pushy self-promo as part of your ‘business workout’. By creating the habit of doing at least one promotional activity each day is really good training and for me now it’s built in. After all, if you’re not paying an expensive PR agency to introduce your business to journalists for game-changing press coverage, then who is?

You are, and you can do this.

As a result of doing activities to get me out there I have created some amazing contacts – many via Twitter, Insta and Facebook which have turned into fantastic opportunities such as being invited to be the Entrepreneur Correspondent for Radio Gorgeous, being invited to speak at events, becoming a Joint Venture partner with some key contacts, being featured in leading publications, the list goes on.

I have created an activity sheet and a blank calendar so that you can pick and choose what you will do each day. The key thing however is to rise to the challenge and to take action DAILY as you never know what amazing contacts or opportunities are around the corner.

Now you may be thinking that self-promotion is all about being pushy – but as you will see from the activities, that many of the suggestions are actually about helping people out.

It’s the 80/20 rule.

80 = help

20 = self-promo

So set yourself the challenge and enjoy the compound effect of creating a really good business habit and reap the benefits in a few months’ time!

Print off the PDF and fill in the blanks on the spreadsheet and have a real sense of satisfaction as you get more and more VISIBLE!