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Can you nail it in 8?

How does your elevator pitch sound?


More to the point how well does it perform?

Picture yourself standing in front of a room of fellow networkers and it’s your 30 or 60 seconds in the spot light at your monthly meetup or you’re about to meet that contact you have been wanting to speak to for years…

Or you have finally dialled through to that journalist you have had your eye on for weeks and weeks, you’ve been reading their articles and following their Twitter feed and know the time is right to do that intro as there is a story in the press that you could tie in with your press hook.

So now it’s your opportunity to say who you are, what you do and who you help/provide a service for in the first few seconds of the pitch without making their eye glaze over or simply not ‘get’ what you do.

Grab their attention by nailing just who you are in no more than 8 words. If you can do this, then you will be delivering a very clear and succinct message which is short, snappy and most importantly memorable!


Check out the Nail it in 8 formula below and have a go at creating yours!



Just think, the journo doesn’t have time to listen to your life story, they are so short of time that you need to get to the point the minute you speak to them.

Bear in mind they receive hundreds (sometimes thousands) of emails and calls a week, so if you want to raise your head above the parapet, be sure to get noticed.

When you’re at your next networking event, test it, and see how long the other people go on for, and if you remember the rambles or the snappy ones.

By nailing it in 8, your audience can instantly decide if they want to learn more from you.

Be sure to be compelling and non-vanilla – be a Liquorice Allsort and stand out from the crowd!

What’s yours? 

So once you’ve nailed it…

You can then go on to expand your bio to a 2 liner, then a paragraph, then a full page bio. All essential elements of your PR Toolkit!

Don’t forget all this is essential so you can ensure your messages or profiles on social media are all consistent, and when you get asked to write for high traffic news blogs, you will have your bio up your sleeve and won’t have to worry about creating it each time.

Don’t forget to share it in this LinkedIn post where you’ll see me delivering mine and many examples of people doing theirs!