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Here is my mission in running my business. It's to help you:

· Get highly VISIBLE

· Earn credibility in your industry

· Get more clients fast

· Build your reputation

· Access your dream influencers

· Peek inside my Little Black Book

· Share your message with MILLIONS

· Have intros to leading journalists

· Hone your message

· Create short shareable promo videos

· Ask your clients for recommendations

· Sniff out money left on the table

· Become inspired in running your biz

· Raise your profile

· To excel at your pitches

· Have fresh ideas on marketing your biz

And here's my bio:

Amanda FitzGerald, known by her clients as The Ultimate Door Opener is on a mission to help small business owners to get highly visible in their industry as they reach their dream influencers using articulate and punchy pitches that get straight to the point so that they can share their message with millions using the power of PR.

What's your mission and do you have a short bio to share?