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Su Ball: Children’s Mental Health

Stacy Marking: Natural Pesticide Expert

Helen Croydon: Dating, health and fitness

Ruth Oshikanlu: Pregnancy, baby mental health

Amanda Ruiz: Small business, retail, marketing

Judith Leary-Joyce: Empowering women, creator of The Doubting Twin


SU BALL PostGrad DipSW

Accredited Mindfulness Now coach

Mindfulness Expert for Kids

 Mindfulness coach for schools

 Creator of bespoke mindfulness exercises

 Former frontline social worker

 TV and Radio expert for children’s mental health issues


She says: “Children’s Mental Health is a hot topic in the UK, alongside education.  Politicians, media, charities, regular people are all talking about it.  Yet there is no consistent view and while opinion is divided, there is no clear way forwards.  With my background of over 17 years as a frontline social worker, I am highly qualified to advise on children’s mental health issues and to share my knowledge as I have had 100’s of success stories.”


  • Cyber bullying, bullying
  • Children’s mental health
  • Mindfulness for Children’s mental health
  • Family relationships
  • Insecurities for children


Su spent 17 years in child protection social work and saw a huge amount of young people struggling with mental health issues.  Realising this is not being addressed and frustrated by the lack of time for direct work, it is her mission to help and support young people and those who care for them achieve better mental health and emotional wellbeing so they can reach their potential through her mindfulness programmes and tailor-made packages.


CONTACT:   (m) +44 7824 349 393  (e)    (w)


Expert in eliminating pests


Maker of safe and effective Natural ‘Green’ Insecticides – family-safe and even edible! Great for picnics!

 EDIBLE Sprays against Wasps, Midges, Mosquitoes that are safe to breathe and good for the planet


  • Pioneer of Safe Natural Insecticides
  • Green Expert in Preventing Moths and other Insects
  • No More Bugs, No More Chemicals: expert in Natural insecticides

She says: “They say 2016 is going to be a massive summer for Wasps and Midges – think:  kids flapping wildly at wasps on the sandwiches, drinks ruined by wasps hovering at the rim of your glass. No one wants to spray harsh chemicals over food and children on picnics and BBQs, so The Lemongrass Trading Company decided to make a Wasp Spray from entirely edible ingredients. So slip an Edible Anti-Wasp Spray into pocket or picnic basket – et voila! It works! The wasps buzz off, the air smells delicious, and  I even think it can enhance the flavour!”


Stacy’s philosophy to life is “Just Do It” – from living in Istanbul and appearing in films as ‘The Turkish Myrna Loy’, to meeting her husband in La Paz just as she was being expelled as ‘a Maoist Spy’ (which she swears she wasn’t!).

In 2013 Stacy was in rural India, researching traditional agriculture and insecticides. She began to work with Lemongrass for its wonderful smell and other extraordinary powers. Back in the UK, and working with the University of Bristol, she began to make 100% Natural anti-insect sprays using only plant extracts, that are pure, ‘green’ and safe to breathe – with no added chemicals, no artificial preservatives.


Stacy Marking     Telephone         01308 862339                Email                

 Helen Croydon Author, Journalist, Broadcaster

Author of the best-selling dating memoir Sugar Daddy Diaries

Author of Screw The Fairytale, a funny polemic questioning life-long relationships

Well-known commentator on modern relationships, modern families, dating, sex, single women, health and endurance sport

Appeared on Newsnight, ITV This Morning, Lorraine, Five News, Woman’s Hour, One to One and more

Regular paper reviewer for Sky News

Writer for The Times, Sunday Times, Telegraph, Independent, Daily Mail, Mirror, Metro, Sun and several magazines


Helen’s Background

Helen first made her name as an author with the best-selling memoir Sugar Daddy Diaries: When a Fantasy Became an Obsession (Mainstream Publishing, February 2011) and quickly became a go-to talking head on relationships.

Her second book Screw the Fairytale: A Modern Guide to Love and Sex (John Blake Publishing, March 2014) is a funny polemic exploring modern models of relationships. Helen sets out to ask if the full-time, life-long cohabiting relationship is suited to modern independent lifestyles. Her mission takes her to stay at a polyamorous commune in The Highlands, go on a ‘wife-finding’ tour to Ukraine with a group of western men, an undercover mission at a meeting for sex addicts and interviews with anthropologists, psychologists, swingers, sperm donor mothers and more.

She’s written for most of the national papers at some point and is best known for her immersive journalism or lively comment pieces. Before going freelance, Helen worked as a producer and reporter for ITN for six years.

Outside of journalism Helen is a Team GB age-group triathlete (just don’t ask which age group!) and a keen pursuer of endurance sport.

 Key journalistic investigations (and therefore commentator on):


  • Unregulated sperm donation
  • Marital affairs websites
  • Sugar Daddy dating websites
  • Ukrainian bride agencies
  • Sex addiction
  • Co-parenting
  • The rise of (happy) single people
  • Sex and disability
  • Steroid use inside gyms

CONTACT: 07801 354 566 / / @Helen_Croydon


 Ruth Oshikanlu QN FiHV MSc, Registered Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor

TV and Radio expert for pregnancy and the first two years of life, maternal and infant health issues

Author of Tune In To Your Baby: Because Babies Don’t Come with An Instruction Manual

Creator of Tune In To Your BabyTM parenting programme

Multi-award winning parenting expert

Queen’s Nurse and Fellow of The Institute of Health Visiting

 Ruth’s parenting centres on beginning the bonding process in the womb.  Rather than bonding with your bump, she encourages bonding with the baby that creates the bump!

Conception is when parenting begins and the nine months of pregnancy is an imperative time to form and grow a relationship with your baby so that your baby is born bonded, because happy babies are made inside the womb.  Despite my professional experience, it was my personal experience that taught me the most vital lessons.  I almost lost my baby at 20 weeks gestation. During the following five months hospitalisation in pregnancy, I was forced to tune in to my baby, connect with him to find out his needs and ensure I met them.  The strong relationship we established in pregnancy helped both of us transition effortlessly into our new roles as mother and infant.  I learned the hard way how to parent and have since made it my mission to help pregnant women become serene and soulful as they grow and raise happy babies.  This equips mothers with a template that they use for the rest of their parenting journey”

Ruth’s Background

Ruth is the author of Tune In To Your Baby: Because Babies Don’t Come with An Instruction Manual.  She has created Tune In To Your BabyTMa holistic parenting programme that enables pregnant women and new mothers develop secure attachments with their babies from the womb, thus promoting maternal and infant mental health.

Ruth is a nationally recognised exemplary nurse, midwife and health visitor with over 22 years track record in delivering secondary and primary health care services in the statutory and voluntary sectors.  She is a parenting expert and has supported thousands of women and babies in pregnancy, labour and childbirth, the postnatal period through to toddlerhood.

Ruth is a regular columnist in The Nursing Times Leadership Academy Series, Community Practitioner, Journal of Health Visiting and has published several feature articles in numerous national nursing and healthcare journals.  Ruth is a regular guest lecturer at numerous universities on the subject of parental-foetal attachment, the subject of the PhD she is currently undertaking.

Ruth is also a founding director of Nu Social Health Organisation (NUSHO), a charity that aims to enables communities help themselves by setting up and supporting the running of sustainable time banks in GP practices, schools and other local community settings.


  • Queen’s Nurse and Fellow of The Institute of Health Visiting
  • The Institute of Health Visiting Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Champion
  • Named in The Nursing Times Inspirational Leaders 2015 List
  • Named in The Health Service Journal BME Pioneer 2014 List
  • Awarded The Queen’s Nursing Institute’s The Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Award for Outstanding Service in 2014
  • Winner of Community Practitioner and Health Visitor Association – Community Practitioner of the Year Award 2014
  • Finalist – Women Inspiring Women Awards – Coach/Mentor category


CONTACT: 020 8291 9988 / 07955 87 35 65 / /


 Amanda Ruiz

“The Ultimate Door Opener”

PR Expert and Mentor for entrepreneurs

Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor

Runs Boutique PR agency and The Amanda Ruiz PR Academy

Small business and retail marketing champion

Secured press coverage in The Times, Telegraph, Huffington Post, Vogue, Marie Claire, OK! Daily Mail, Independent, retail expert on LBC


Amanda’s first taste of being an entrepreneur aged 7 years old selling guinea pigs at her town’s market. She graduated from guinea pigs to getting sent to the headmistress for creating craze at her school for beaded bracelets. Aged 22 she graduated from Oxford Poly (Oxford Brookes University) and went on to be a PR for the UK – she was selected to be a guide at the British Pavilion at Expo ’92 so enjoyed extolling the virtues of the UK to thousands of people over 6 months using her fluent Spanish.

She worked at her mother’s mail order bead company, Janet Coles Beads as a PR assistant and cut her teeth in the world of securing press coverage. She then went on to work in various marketing agencies keeping her entrepreneurial tendencies under wraps until in 2008 she launched an ecommerce fashion knitwear brand. Using her knowledge of PR she succeeded in getting coverage in most of the nationals and many glossy magazines.

 She has created a proven process called ‘The 7 Secrets on How to Get into the Press’ which she teaches small business owners so that they can gown their businesses by securing free publicity.


  • Small businesses
  • Networking
  • Masterminding
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Opportunities to ‘find the money left on the table’ by small businesses
  • Retail marketing


Amanda Ruiz

tel: 07711 419595



Serial achiever and Creator of The Doubting Twin

40 years and 30,000 hours of work in personal development

 Three times best-selling author

 Motivational and Inspirational Key Note Speaker

 Gestalt Psychotherapist

Leading talent management expert and Management Consultant

TV and Radio expert for psychology of success, the human condition, confidence and empowering women



Judith’s mission is to deliver her powerful, engaging and inspirational keynote talks where she shares her 40 years of work both as a psychotherapist and business consultant. Available keynotes and talks are:

  • The Psychology of Success: The 5 Steps to finding your core talent and living the life you want
  • The Doubting Twin: Learn to love the nagging voice in your ear and use her to empower you!
  • How to Mastermind Your Own Success in 3 Simple Steps so you get that promotion or proposal!
  • How to become an Employer of Choice


Judith leaves the audiences inspired and empowered: “Judith is exceptional and outstanding. It is wonderful to see the magic at work” DB Schenker



  • 20 years working as a Gestalt psychotherapist has seen her transform the lives of 100’s of clients as she helped them get over trauma, self-confidence issues, relationship challenges, destructive behaviour patterns.
  • Business credentials: during her time as Gestalt Psychotherapist she was also managing director of a major training centre in London giving her a wealth of experience leading hugely successful teams
  • Judith then changed career path to become a highly sought after business consultant working internationally with senior leaders and managers where she helps clients access their potential so that they deliver exceptional business outputs
  • Prestigious corporations and organisations that have hired her: Barclays Wealth, Emap, The Lanesborough Hotel, T Mobile, DBSchenker, Lend Lease Construction, Standard Chartered Bank, Prudential.
  • Appearances on BBC Radio 4 and local radio have demonstrated to people outside of the business world that Judith understands the human condition and that she offers fascinating insights on how we as humans can improve by using her skills, insights and strategies



“I am passionate about helping people reach the success they truly deserve. 30,000 hours of working with personal development has taught me how to find the core issues quickly and share them in a way that can be heard and digested. I am regularly told that our conversations have changed people’s lives”.



Email:   Website:  Tel:  +44 (0)1727 765521