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Last month I was invited to be the PR Expert in the Adviser Zone at Enterprise Nation’s Festival of Female Entrepreneurs.

During the course of the day I conducted x10 one:one 30 minute private consultations with entrepreneurs where I gave out advice on how to secure publicity for their businesses.

One lady sat down and simply said “Make me famous!”.

Wow – no holds barred here! It was a great opener and ice breaker as she told me exactly what she wanted!

My job was to listen to her story and dig out from her background any ‘golden nuggets’ that could be of interest to the press.

I did this by asking her a series of questions that help me get a good idea on what the business owner does and offers to her clients, where she’d like to be featured, directly naming dream publications, explanations of typical clients and much more.

All the time I am looking for that one hook that will be the light bulb moment so that she can walk away with a great idea on who to approach or how to do it. 

Very often the business owners I speak to are so close to their businesses that they are sitting on HUGE opportunities and haven’t realised it.

My objective is to give masses of value, inspiration and a little outside of the box thinking that will help the entrepreneur in their next steps when it comes to marketing their businesses.

Job satisfaction comes when the meeting is closed and they walk away with a spring in their step knowing that to do the one activity we pinpointed can have a huge impact on their business.

They also discover that instead of competing with all that social media noise out there and remaining unseen and invisible there is an alternative way to getting visible and that is sharing their message with millions with media coverage.

I would like to invite YOU to a private one:one Find Your Press Hook Call with me. I have very limited space this week, so book yours now: 

Take Ruth Goodwin who has created a raw food brand BeBalanced.

Ruth’s delicious raw mince pies were featured this week in The Independent’s review of the 10 best gluten-free mince pies. To date, the article has been shared over 100 times (from the website) and Ruth has done a brilliant job of sharing her excitement of being featured amongst the big boys such as Asda, M&S and Morrisons with her community on Instagram and Facebook by doing Facebook Lives, posts, tweets and link shares.

This has created much more awareness about these special sweet treats and I am sure that her inbox is bursting with orders now.

In addition the confidence, credibility and kudos of being mentioned in a leading publication will have such a positive effect for Ruth who started the business because she had adrenal fatigue (another golden nugget for you!) that the world is her oyster.

I think she needs to go on a cookery programme and show how to make them live on air and say ‘but if you can’t find the ingredients….go here to order yours!’ Win:win!

So what’s stopping you? Book your call today and let me see if I can help you find your press hook or golden nugget!