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Jessica Lorimer

Jessica Lorimer: Expert available to comment on small business and leadership, gender pay gap and the ‘Snowflake’ generation (because she ain’t one!)


Contact details:

Tel: (+) 447769 567 220




Mini bio (full press kit below):

At just 28, Jessica Lorimer is a real rising star. She’s making 6 figures in profit and sharing her secrets on how to sell and close deals with a very engaged audience.

She’s making a huge impact on her clients’ lives plus those in her community (25k+ across her personal podcast, Facebook groups, email list) and readers of her bestselling book, Smart Leaders Sell.

She helps female entrepreneurs make profit from their businesses as she teaches them skills and techniques learnt during her time as a super achieving corporate leader.

She has just finished off a round of ‘Cash Creation’ where a group of 25 entrepreneurs are mentored by her over 6 weeks with the sole goal of generating extra revenue in their businesses. With a 97% success rate, sales generated by her mentees topped over £100,000.

Jessica’s cracked the code on getting a yes on every sales call – she says it’s just as easy (or difficult) to sell a £20 product or service as it is to sell one at £20,000. She was the top performer in leading FTSE250 companies for 12 years and is being generous to not keep her secrets secret.

She’s coached over 1000 entrepreneurs from 12 different countries and continues to grow her client base thus fulfilling her long term dream of empowering females to become wealthy women who will change the world which ties in with her mission to lead a movement for female business owners who are ready to make a huge impact and generate a huge income for their bank account.


Jessica’s press kit below:

Download the PDF version here:  Jessica Lorimer Press Kit 2018