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I have a question for you to consider...Do you REALLY know your ideal client?

Take a minute and think of something you think everybody likes, holidays? Time off work? Chocolate? BUT strange as it may seem not everyone likes them.

People are different, we all want and need different things. We are all influenced by our own personal choices. And your business works in the same way. Some of your customers will hands down love your product and some people will need extra convincing.

Here are 3 steps to identify your ideal client:


It's simple and effective. Take your notepad and pen and think about the key demographics. Age, gender, occupation, interests and hobbies and average income.

Survey your existing email list:

Your email list is unbelievably valuable and it's good to get started on contacts as soon as you think of your business idea. Most have supported you from the start and will be willing to give you the important information you need.

Start by asking questions about your demographic, how and where your customers found out about you and if they would recommend your services.

Identify your customer's goals:

Are they looking to update their home, update their wardrobe etc? Things can change seasonally and it's good to ask via your social media what their looking for on a weekly or monthly basis.

I hope this helped! And there's more where that came from.

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