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2016 is the year for you to take control of your PR and marketing and learn how to get into the press.

Time to become #VISIBLE!


Come along to a fun, interactive, informative and inspirational 3 hour workshop where you will learn how to pitch to the press PLUS you get the chance to do a 3 minute pitch to best-selling author, commentator and journalist Helen Croydon.

Venue: The Century Club, Soho


Time: 10am – 1pm

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Amanda Ruiz and Helen Croydon

Part 1: How to Find Your Press Hook (10am)

You may really want to get into the press so that you can raise your company’s profile, but if you can’t think of a powerful angle then it’s impossible to create an impactful story that will capture the attention of your dream journalist. This event will teach you the essentials so you can learn how to get your business into the press.

Amanda will go over live examples of successful ‘press hooks’ (angles) for you to consider when approaching the press.

She will then go over the Do’s and Don’ts of contacting journalists.

Part 2: Your chance to practise your pitch to journalist Helen Croydon (11am)

This is your perfect chance to pitch to a journalist in a ‘safe’ and friendly environment  – you can put forward your idea and Helen will give you feedback on the spot of how you can improve your angle or how to create more impact when pitching.

Time is limited to 3 minutes per person as that is how it is in real life when dialing through to your journalists. Don’t worry, a lot can be covered in that short time. At least here you won’t get short shrift from the journalist!

Part 3: Digging for Golden Nuggets that the press will love! (12pm)

If you can find your ‘golden nugget’ you will ensure that you stand out from the crowd. There may be masses of other companies or people offering the same as you but if you can find that special piece of information about you that makes you different and memorable then you will stand a much greater chance of being listened to.

Your golden nugget is the piece or pieces of information that seperates you from everyone else and that will hook in your target journalist’s interest. Amanda’s clients often tell her that is their favourite part as she helps them uncover facts that were laying dormant and unused and it is these nuggets that the press LOVE!

This is a very interactive training and you will have many opportunities to ask questions and to share experiences.


You will go away inspired with instantly actionable tips and strategies that will be of huge help when pitching to the press so that you become more #VISIBLE.

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About Helen Croydon:

Helen Croydon is a best-selling author, journalist and broadcaster. She’s a lively commentator on current and social affairs with a particular focus on social trends, modern families, gender equality and health and fitness. She writes for The Telegraph, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent, Metro, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, Mail Online and magazines such as Cosmo, Top Sante, Best, Bella, Outdoor Fitness and more.

You may have seen her reviewing the papers early in the morning on Sky News or hear her on the radio late at night on BBC Radio London. She’s also appeared as a commentator on Newsnight, This Morning, Daybreak, Lorraine, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, BBC Breakfast, Woman’s Hour and more.

As an author she has invaluable experience and insight into getting her book placed in the media and pitching herself as a commentator.

As a journalist she has experience from the other side – being the interviewer and deciding what makes a good story. Before going freelance, Helen worked as a reporter and producer for ITN for several years so she knows how to attract the attention of the broadcast media as well as the print media.

Outside of journalism Helen is a Team GB age-group triathlete and is passionate about endurance sport and fitness.