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Running your own business means you need to juggle many, many balls – from the financials, stock, display, essential networking, social media management, staff….the list goes on, but one thing that you savvy entrepreneurs must all try to keep on top of is your brand awareness so that new customers can discover you easily and that your existing customers feel good about seeing your company mentioned in the press which could then encourage them to pick up the phone and order your product or services again.

I am running a series of interactive workshop events in partnership with 02 Workspace in central London with the objective of helping entrepreneurs and SMEs secure the press coverage for their business in 2015. I will share the information I wished I’d have had when I launched my ecommerce fashion store 8 years ago! However, having done what feels like an MBA in running and promoting a small business, and having secured coverage in the major glossies and nationals (see below), I am now spilling my secrets on getting press exposure.

Over the 3 sessions I will be going over my programme: The 7 Secrets of Getting into the Press (that expensive PR agencies don’t want you to know!) which include the tricks and strategies I use to secure press coverage for my clients.

The first session (on Dec 9th from 12.30 to 1.30pm) entitled ‘How To Get into The Press: find your press hooks’ (which is Step 1 of the 7 Step programme) I will give an overview on getting into the press then we will do a joint brainstorm with the other entrepreneurs at the workshop to identify your press hooks or ‘golden nuggets’ as I call them!

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We have now delivered the workshop and have had some excellent feedback:

Cathie Maas of The Maas Clinic, Petersfield holding her husband Lauren Maas’s first 2 books on nutrition…

book 3 launching Jan 2015 with a PR splash!

Sally Pattie of Doddle for Dogs, revolutionary dog leads! She has also been on Dragon’s Den, so very

used to the camera!

The objective of this workshop is to enable you to approach journalists with a succinct message, and of course, an interesting angle in order to seek out press exposure that will build brand awareness for your business.

Worksheets will be provided.

The next *free* session on January 15th from 6-9pm, will be Step 2 where I will take you through the essential Step 2 from my programme, The 7 Secrets to getting into the Press, where you will learn:

  • How to create your customer ‘avatar’ (profile)
  • How to research the competition and how this can help you
  • The secrets of finding out about those journalists you have been wanting to speak to since you launched your business

After this session, you will be invited to come to the final 2 hour event on Jan 29th from 1-3pm where I will reveal all 7 Secrets to getting into the Press in an interactive Masterclass and go into more depth the steps 4-7 so you will walk away ready to schmooze the press in 2015!

The 7 Secrets on How to Get into the Press for 2015

The tickets for this event are £25 and will be available on Eventbrite.

Worksheets will be provided.