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‘Press hooks’ are also known as ‘news pegs’ as they are are what is relevant to hook or peg your story onto.

The definition of press hook is: what makes your story newsworthy, relevant or timely.

Have you thought of what your press hook could be?

Journalists literally get 100’s of press releases each and every day and your story needs to stand out from the crowd – it needs to make the journalists’ ‘eyes prick up’ – and being proactive or reactive can certainly pay dividends resulting in a great article or mention.

Consider the following:

  • Do you want to get coverage because it’s a product launch which will make a difference to people’s lives?
  • Are you wanting to have a profile piece about you, the inspiring entrepreneur?
  • Is your business offering new jobs in the area?
  • Could your product or service have a seasonal twist to it? Look at this Retail Marketing Calendar and I bet you can find somewhere to slot your product or service in!
  • Is it a local story with a great human interest story attached to it?
  • Or…have you turned on your #PRDAR, you have been following a story and you’re providing a reactive piece to your target journalist?
  • Maybe you have conducted an eye-watering survey that needs to be shared about a latest trend in your industry.

So which press hook could you come up with? Get creative and have fun!

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