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Here’s how we got Jenni Hallam into this national paper yesterday…

Hint…it’s REACTING to the story, so here is the PRESS HOOK…

We saw the Michael Mosely BBC documentary on the placebo drugs trial and how a third of the control group whilst unknowingly taking placebo back pain relief pills miraculously saw vast improvements in their back pain, in one case a 70 year old walking again after spending a decade in a wheel chair.

We remembered Jenni telling us about her recovery when she was struck down from meningitis and left hospital bed bound after a botched spinal injection.

She used the power of her strong mind to help her get back to being the gym bunny she was ??

So this is a reactive piece … We reacted to the news and got a centre page spread after writing up a compelling press release:

Read the full newspaper article here.

Have you seen anything recently you could have reacted to?

Oh and here’s me looking a bit crazy happy with the piece!!