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For journalists ONLY:
Pitch Clinic Invitation

You're invited to be my guest expert at my next 60 min Pitch Clinic via video link (Zoom). It's the MOST TIME EFFICIENT method of meeting talented and articulate business owners who have breaking news or interesting backstories for your outlet.

No need for long PR lunches seeing just one person / brand.

10 quick fire pitches in 60 mins for you to critique 

Join some stellar names who have been my guest journalist / producer / editor experts on the 60 min Pitch Clinics: 

Suzy Walker, Former Psychologies Editor-in-Chief

Adrianne Webster, Platinum

Emma Broomfield, Sunday Times

CNN editor, Beth Howe

Daily Mail journalist, Myron Jobson

Ali Roff, Psychologies Editor at Large

ITV producers (This Morning)

BBC producers (Jeremy Vine Show)

Freelancers and broadcasters Lucy Atkins, Harriet Minter, Helen Croydon,  Janey Lee Grace, Amy Pay to name a few.

Often the guests are invited to contribute to the expert journalist's publication / TV show

    • On a mutually convenient time and date we set up a conference call using Zoom (better than Skye!). Each entrepreneur has 5-10 minutes of your time where they will pitch their business idea or angle to you as though you’re meeting them or hearing from them for the first time.
    • You are to critique their pitch, offer constructive feedback with improvements or recommendations on what they should say more or less of. You can even give them ideas on which outlets could be interested in hearing from them as you show your expertise in journalism to each person on the call.
    • The meeting is held on Zoom so you can be wherever you are in the world – all you need is strong Wifi. We have the camera and recorder switched on so that they can engage with you and also so that they can refer back to your words of wisdom after the Pitch Clinic.

In a nutshell you will get some interesting, articulate and media friendly experts raring to meet you and pitch to you saving you time. 

We can send you some previous Pitch Clinic recordings if you'd like to get a flavour of how they are run. One thing we can guarantee is you will want to come back again, as most of my experts do!

An extremely time efficient way to see experts.

'Amanda's pitch clinic is great and it's useful to hear quick-fire showcase of Amanda's best clients.' Suzy Walker, Former Psychologies, Editor-in-Chief.

Suzy Walker, Editor-in-Chief, Psychologies Magazine

A brilliant concept

"The Pitch Clinic is a brilliant concept. It's a fantastic, fun and friendly way to discover and connect with some pioneering organisations, and trade pitching tips for exclusive news. It truly is a win-win situation. Well done Amanda for pioneering this idea."

OLIVER PICKUP, Multi-award-winning writer | ghostwriter | content editor | broadcaster

A great way to connect with inspiring entrepreneurs 

Amanda's pitch clinic is great way to connect with inspiring entrepreneurs and learn about their brilliant businesses. It also really helps to unearth potential stories and I hope to feature some of them in the near future.

emma broomfield, sunday times

My expert entrepreneurs are waiting with their pitches, are you ready?