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London Based Expert Property Curator with a highly astute creative and financial mind

High net worth clients include expats, investors and developers of London residential properties

Expert in all matters investment property: search and acquisitions, developments, interior design, renting and sales

Creates and curates high net worth property investment portfolios with strong ROI

  • London is tipped to rise by 25% on average over the next 5 years with some areas doing well and others stagnating. Velvet Orange has a longstanding, deep knowledge of London that is used effectively as they guide their clients to invest in the right areas of growth and sustainability in order to achieve high returns through capital appreciation as well as rental income. Each client has a bespoke tailored acquisition strategy and is offered the optional interiors service with their award winning interior design subsidiary.
  • 10 year experienced accountant with a top tier global accounting firm, involved in strategy planning for 52 EMEIA countries.
  • Extensive training in interior design and specialised in interior architectural aspects of property.
  • Deep property knowledge, developed over 10 years managing client properties and in growing her own portfolio from a £200k to a portfolio currently valued at over £2m.

“I love working for energetic and dynamic people who aren’t afraid of taking a few calculated risks. I don’t play fast and loose with money but I can sniff out a good deal when I see one and I spot things that other people don’t. I particularly do well by going ahead of the trend because I can see it coming – this means I find things before they become inflated in value when everybody else catches up”.

  • Tailored acquisition strategy for each client .
  • Project management of end to end “search-negotiate-buy” cycle.
  • Hand-picked strong and experienced team of experts in all associated fields are part of the package – legal, brokerage, surveyors and contractors covering every area of the property purchase under the Velvet Orange brand.

Investment projects in London, interior design projects.