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Day 3: Working the room...

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If you missed yesterday’s video I made inside PR Secrets, go here to see it: 

Yesterday’s challenge was to craft your short and sharp elevator pitch in just 8 words!

The second part of the challenge was to invite someone for a Skype Smoothie and this has been really popular and people are fixing up face to face and virtual meet ups as I type!

Who did you fix to meet up with? The virtual networking room is inside PR Secrets and it does pay to pop in there.

Thanks to my networking last week and in PR Secrets, I have found a printer who is turning around an extremely urgent print job that I need by TOMORROW as I may have the chance to interview Jo Malone!!!! (I am going to a networking event and will bring my Roving Reporter Mic just in case!!)

So today is all about entering a room full of strangers and NOT looking at your phone for comfort or to appear ‘busy’.

Here are my 7 top tips:

  1. Enter the room and pick up a leaflet or a magazine that is out on display. This will keep your hands busy whilst you are looking for the drinks section.
  2. Drink in hand, take a few flicks of the reading material you have whilst you surreptitiously scan the room looking for someone to talk to.
  3. Here it is the next step….start a conversation. Now this does sound simple but actually it can be very hard to do if you are on your own and are feeling daunted by the entire room looking like they are getting on like a house on fire! Why not chat to someone who is also alone and looking for someone to talk to?
  4. Have your ‘Nail it in 8‘ elevator pitch in your head so when the person asks you what you do, you can say it succinctly. It’s always a benefit to ‘say it in 8’ as often there is lots of background noise and distractions and you can capture the attention of your audience in less than 8 seconds. Try it!
  5. Once you have struck up your first convo, you will be feeling more comfortable, so you can now start to ‘work the room’…well just meet the next person. So politely excuse yourself and say something like: “It was really nice meeting you, please may I have your card? I really wanted to meet xyz and I think she may be over there”….and head on over there.
  6. If you are going to an event where you will be watching or learning, make sure you have front row seats so you can be in prime position to speak to the dream speaker once they are off stage. Basically be in the front of the line!
  7. Make sure that you do connect the following day with whomever you have exchanged cards so you can keep the conversation going.

Today’s activities are:

Activity 1:

Ask someone you don’t already know for a Skype Smoothie (if you haven’t already)

Activity 2: When out and about to day (I am assuming you’re not at a networking event today) put your phone in your bag and DON’T get it out if you order a coffee / are paying for your shopping and start a conversation with someone you don’t know.

Then report back to base!

Good luck! (This is good practise for when you do go to the networking event with your phone LOCKED AWAY!!) 

Have fun!

BTW if you’d like some one:one help, book a call with me using the button below!