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Day 2: Nail it in 8 with a smoothie!

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If you missed yesterday’s video I made inside PR Secrets, go here to see it:

Yesterday’s challenge was to say why you are networking ….the responses were to:

  • Learn
  • Expand my network
  • Meet other like minded people who are passionate about what they do
  • Meet people and hear their stories…

The list goes on, and thank you for replying!

If you haven’t already joined PR Secrets, please do as you can use this as your virtual networking room.

It has just under 800 members and people are already fixing up to have one on ones – so you never know who is in there and who may be interested to have a Skype Coffee* with you!

So today is all about starting to network and to use an impactful intro that will make people pay attention rather than switch off when it’s your 60 seconds at your regular networking groups.

You may have heard me talking about being able to ‘Nail in in 8’.

Can you nail it in 8?

So how does your elevator pitch sound?

More to the point how well does it perform?

Picture yourself standing in front of a room of fellow networkers and it’s your 30 or 60 seconds in the spot light at your monthly meetup or you’re about to meet that contact you have been wanting to speak to for years…

Or you have finally dialled through to that journalist you have had your eye on for weeks and weeks, you’ve been reading their articles and following their Twitter feed and know the time is right to do that intro as there is a story in the press that you could tie in with your press hook.

So now it’s your opportunity to say who you are, what you do and who you help/provide a service for in the first few seconds of the pitch without making their eye glaze over or simply not ‘get’ what you do.

Grab their attention by nailing just who you are in no more than 8 words. If you can do this, then you will be delivering a very clear and succinct message which is short, snappy and most importantly memorable! So mine is:









I also think it’s essential to add on the ‘so that’:








When you’re at your next networking event, test it, and see how long the other people go on for, and if you remember the rambles or the snappy ones.

By nailing it in 8, your audience can instantly decide if they want to learn more from you.

Be sure to be compelling and non-vanilla – be a Liquorice Allsort and stand out from the crowd!

What’s yours?

Today’s activities are:

Activity 1:

Post your ‘Nail in in 8’ in the PR Secrets Facebook group, don’t forget your ‘so that…’

Activity 2: Find someone in PR Secrets (your virtual networking room) and ask them for a Skype Smoothie! You can then practise your Nail it in 8 with them and you never know where this may take you!

*You’ve heard of Skype Coffees, as I am a Liquorice Allsort, I like to be a bit different! ;-)

I will be doing a Facebook Live inside PR Secrets at 1pm, tomorrow, please join me if you can!


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