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Day 1: Your networking mindset

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Today is all about getting into the right mindset about networking.

Why do you want to network?

Would you like to…?

· Grow your business contacts

· Have fun offline and get out and about

· Have fun online as it can be lonely in your home office

· Reach a dream target

· Make friends online or offline

· Get more sales

So you will have noticed that the final question was about getting more sales.

When I first set up my business I was like a banshee and I wanted to sell-sell-sell as it had taken so much blood sweat and tears to get the website set up and the stock in and the professional photos taken and so on and so on…

So therefore why shouldn’t I just go along to events expecting to walk away with orders for my knitwear?

That was the BIG MISTAKE.

I did such a sales job at a new tennis club I had joined when I approached almost all of the players post-match that I got a phone call from the chairman asking me to back off and to play tennis but not to promote my knitwear.

Big blush emoji time!

So that was a huge lesson to learn. I have learnt that, so you don’t have to make that same mistake.

Your mindset switch is:

I am networking to meet lovely new people because I am a lovely person.

Your mantra is:

I will be positive, interested, inquisitive and charming when I go to networking events.

Your wish is:

I want people to want to reconnect with me after the networking event as they are genuinely interested in me and my business, not because I have been pushy.

You may be an introvert and could never be accused of being pushy… in fact, you may be self-deprecating and not ‘out there’ enough to capture the fellow networker’s attention.

What do you do in this case?

You think about your BIG WHY. Why are you running your business and why are you attending networking events?

To have the end goal (big why) in mind will help you as you set off to your next networking event.

Your end goal may be to have more sales so you can pay for that lovely holiday or a new car or the kids’ university fees, so think about the happiness you can bring to you or your family will give you the right boost to up the ante slightly and to be just a bit more va-va voomie!

Today’s activity is:

1. Identify WHY you want to network

2. Find a networking event you can attend in the next month that have never been to before.

Post your replies in PR Secrets. For example mine would be:

I want to network as I would like to get to know some local business owners as recently I have been only networking in London or online.

The next networking event I would like to book up to go to is: Business Networking Colchester on Sept 22nd.

[I have never gone to that event before so it will be a brand new experience!]

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