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How is your PR and marketing?

Are you finding it hard to reach new customers yet you have AMAZING products or services to offer?

It may be possible that you haven’t identified your target audience strongly enough. Have you thought about this:

  • Where does she hang out on-line and offline?
  • How old is she?
  • Which publications does she read?
  • What are her hobbies or interests?

Put together a mood board of about 3 ‘client avatars’ and then you will get a much clearer idea of who he or she is and this will really help you focus in on how to communicate with them and of course which publications to approach.

Below is an example of ‘Trendy Mum Martha’ a client avatar I refer to in my PR Course. She was a typical client when I was running my luxury knitwear fashion label.

Now this is an example of a B2C (business to consumer) client or customer avatar or profile, but you can do just the same for B2B (business to business).

If you don’t know where to start, start with asking your current customers the above questions and add a few. For example if it’s B2B, ask what do you read for business and pleasure? You may be surprised at the results, but what ever the results, it will give you a good steer for where to focus your promotional activity.

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