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Chas Jordan, champion of fair office equipment contracts saving schools, charities and churches an average of £8k per year. How much can he save your organisation?

40 years of expert knowledge in the office equipment industry

One deeply powerful goal: to change an industry by removing the corrupt practices

A ‘leave no stone unturned’ ethic sees repeated high praising testimonials and £1,000,000’s saved
INDUSTRY EXPERT could save Nick Clegg’s ‘free school’ dinners ‘blunder’ and return up to £44m back to schools!

The ‘free school’ dinners are costing us the taxpayer £1000’s. The costs for the individual schools to provide free dinners are in the region of £25 – £55k per annum; depending upon the size of the school (this includes food, staffing, equipment etc).

The government has allocated £1 billion to pay for this controversial programme, but many of the 16,500 primary schools are struggling to keep up with the costs, are worried about the future and are wondering just where their funding is going to come from when the government money runs out.

This is where Fair Contract Associates (FCA) comes in and can potentially save the day for many of these schools. FCA is an organisation that reviews service and maintenance contracts for the office equipment in schools, charities and SMEs.

The average saving FCA returns to schools (which they work with and have faulty contracts) is £8,000. If they return to a third of the 16,500 primary schools this saving could be in the region of £44,000,000!
The office equipment leasing industry is a very murky sector where scams are rife and victims are unwittingly leaking money from the schools’ coffers in order to fund the unscrupulous dealerships.

To date, FCA has returned over £8m to clients and their mission is to ensure this unfair practice is stamped out. A typical scam is the “Copy Charge Scam”. Too many schools are unwittingly being charged extortionate rates for each colour copy they make or print on their photocopier when they sign on the office equipment contract’s dotted line.

Chas Jordan, founder of FCA says: “Unscrupulous sellers are setting the photocopiers to record each colour which is used to make up the image on the page, instead of what you believe to be the page count. This means if your agreement states, 5 pence per colour and 1 pence per mono copy, you could be paying as much as 16 pence for each single sided A4 colour page you produce. To find out if you are a victim, go to and take the simple 2 step test.

FCA offers help and truly independent advice on buying office equipment safely and fairly. They do not sell equipment; they provide an honest contract checking service.
Chas Jordan says:

We do not sell any other products or services; we do not have ulterior motives. We focus on what is important in these cases, fairness in everything we do being our highest priority. With a 95% success rate for every case we take on, we can ensure peace of mind to your buying decisions