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How was your weekend? Mine was pretty memorable as it was my 50th - yes, the big 5-0 on June 12th so it was a very fun packed day on Friday and I managed to spread the festivities across the weekend - even in lockdown!

We had a Zoom 'Lockdown Leopards' party and friends from all over the world joined in with the madness - everyone had to wear a piece of leopard print to gain entry. I am totally addicted to leopard print as you may know. Then we got all the guests to join in with a massive 'Oops up side your head' dance - you can see the dance off and pics on my Instagram feed.

The lovely thing is that many of my friends are people who I have met through work - be it Masterminds, networking, clients - I am extremely grateful to my fantastic entrepreneurial community and I love helping people become shining stars in their industry, so I think I can really say aged 50, I have got the dream job, finally!

Looking back, I can tell you that it took quite a lot of blood sweat and tears to get here: jobs, redundancies, coupled with all the adversity, closed doors and challenges; as well as the on the job training from when I was a school girl working with my mum's mail order bead business...then to working with her full time alongside her PR agent, to working in marketing agencies to setting up an ecommerce store from scratch with two toddlers...I have had a very varied career and wiggly entrepreneurial journey, but there again who hasn't? I bet you have too!

And the 'wiggly entrepreneurial journey' is certainly an apt phrase to use in these crazy corona times, with people having to pivot, totally change direction / platform / product / service.

I would like to let you know that I am here to support you to help you grow your business by becoming more visible and securing press coverage, and we at Amanda FitzGerald PR are cooking up some super hot products and services that will really help you and at a cost that won't hurt you.

Over the weekend I got a fab surprise from VIP client, Amanda Rosewarne, CEO of the CPD Standards Office who left me a voice note to say that an investigative journalism piece in The Guardian was out and that her company had been included in the piece. Her company stood out as the leading authority in the online training world and was quoted at the end of the article which was exposing an online training provider.

Read the article here.

Catching up on BBC Sounds podcast of The Media Show I learnt something new about The Guardian and that was their amazing stats, check this out:

The Editor of the Guardian, Katherine Viner said:

'Our traffic figures are so monumental, in March we had 366m browsers worldwide... (And they read 2.2b stories in March).The Guardian is often portrayed as a small publication as we have a small print circulation but we are an absolutely gigantic news organisation in terms of audience around the world, and they find something in the Guardian they don't find anywhere else. It's been astonishing the uptake in new subscribers, at the start of March we've had 200k more supporters, our highest figures ever seen.'

So after hearing that, I will be making sure they are hot on our radar for clients!!

Earlier on in the week our client Alexandra Wood, the tailor of Savile Row shared with me her feature in Citizen Femme, a women's luxury travel guide. This had come about after a press release we'd sent out for her for Father's Day and the editor discovered this brilliant female run tailoring business.

The piece is actually a competition giveaway - wow, fancy the chance of winning a bespoke £1500 suit for your dad along with a style consultation?

And even though it's a competition (as opposed to a direct article), Alex gets lots of coverage about her brand and her profile, so again it's an authority builder as well as an awareness builder tool because there had been over 1.3k entries. I can't wait to hear how many finally do enter. Plus it will be very beneficial for her SEO with the circulation of 25,000 (source PR Max), not to mention they have over 60k followers on the 'gram!

So as I ease or rather blast into my first week of being a 50 year old (OMG I really can't believe I am typing that), I wish you a great week ahead and do get in touch if you'd like to hear how I can help you turn the spotlight onto your business! Just click the 'Book here' button below.

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