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I am so pleased to be celebrating greatness and shining the spotlight very VERY brightly on some super powerful, inspirational, influential and talented Black Entrepreneurs that I have had to honour to be friends with, work with or simply hang out and have masses of fun with!

These girls are seriously talented, are industry leaders, innovators and experts in their fields.

Please go to each ones' profiles and websites, follow, like, RT, repost, share and share the LOVE and check out their awesome products or services.

Reading many of their posts, they are really hurting right now with what is going on in the world, especially the US and of course the last straw that has been George Floyd's brutal murder at the hands of an ignorant nasty white policeman (and his 3 colleagues). For the UK based ones, I have learnt that they too suffered and suffer from racial abuse growing up as a minority in the UK. It has been very difficult to read TBH.

This must stop.

It must stop right now.

Racism is utter ignorance.

These ladies are very kindly helping to educate me as they share their stories of hardship and racist abuse. I have a lot to learn.

And look where they are now: they are leaders and inspirational business women, helping to transform people's lives no matter what colour skin they have.

Please join me in celebrating black people and putting them in the spotlight as they SO deserve it, not only this week but forever.

I stand with you.

Thank you

Here are their deets on where you can find them on Insta, FB and online!

Dallas Gordon

Marketing Expert


Katrina Young

Digital & Business Strategist


Rose Yombo-Djema

Food Entrepreneur


Janette Miller

Style & Image Coach


Danni Blechner

Book Journey Mentor & Publisher


Kandy Dolor

Author. Speaker. Influencer


Tendai Chagweda

Vision Board & DJ Teacher


@ inspiringdjs


Dounia Lkoundi

Boost Coach


Sandra Palmer

Eco Swimwear Designer


Michelle Doyle

PR Expert


Lovelda Vincenzi

World Class Speaker & MC


Noha Essop

Global Consciousness Coach


I hope you enjoy connecting with these powerhouses!


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