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Publicity is absolutely critical. You have to get your brand out and about. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad” Richard Branson


You are an incredible coach, therapist, practitioner, marketer, business mentor or strategist but most of all you're a GAME-CHANGER as on a daily basis you change people's lives with your expertise.

But...and this is a big but....you're slightly lost with your message as it doesn't fall off your tongue like it should whenever you do your networking events or when you're speaking to the media and you have to repeat or explain for another time what you really do and who you help.

You may even be struggling to nail your niche as you're good in one area and excellent in another area but you're not capitalising on your strengths so you're crossing two or three niches which means you're watering down your message and not reaching the right people in the right places.

I get it. I've been there too. Played and not slayed. But I got here and it's such a good feeling.

You are invited to join my 3 day virtual Bootcamp where you'll learn how to be on point with your message so that you're irresistible to the media darling!

  1. How good would it be if you could feel so much more confident about your message so that you can articulate what you do and who you serve so efficiently and succinctly that when you open your mouth, your words will be fluent and so on on point that journalists sit up and listen.

  2. No more pissing in the wind.

  3. No more missed opportunities of 'I wish I'd have said this or that!'

  4. No more empty pitches to key influencers that get you no where.

  5. Work with me and I will help you to become succinct, sharp, on point, intriguing and irresistible so that you'll be invited to speak on stage, TV debates, radio shows and comment in publications. 

  1. Leading business strategy coach Ruth Kudzi has been invited several times to debates on GMB.
  2. Which TV studios are on your wish list?

The fastest way to share your message with millions is here...

Introducing your 6-month PR Mastermind to take you from Expert to Thought-Leader. You will go on a truly inspiring journey of growth and confidence so that you will give maximum impact when you pitch, present and debate.


    • To be a leading expert in your field, or a rising star just waiting for your time to shine and to become a thought-leader
    • A reason for the press and influencers to pay attention to YOU (don't worry, we will refine that)
    • An articulate pitch that you can use and re-use and when needs be, switch!
    • A press kit that stands out from the crowd. This is your calling card that the producers, planners and commissioning editors will store on their experts folders
    • A hunger and a drive that will see you head and shoulders above your competition

I'm Amanda FitzGerald, The Ultimate Door Opener 
Your PR Mastermind leader.
Pleased to meet you.

My passion is turning expert entrepreneurs into unstoppable media-friendly PR machines for their brands and businesses. 

I have spent the past 5 years helping to transform business owners and entrepreneurs so that they get highly visible in their industry as they reach their dream influencers using articulate and punchy pitches that get straight to the point so that they can share their message with millions as they become famous in their field using the power of PR. The other 20 years I worked with marketing agencies along with gaining lots of PR knowledge along the way.

My Little Black Book that has been called 'the best in the industry', is forever being further expanded so I can open more doors to potential influencers for my clients. 

Having started my entrepreneurial journey running a luxury online brand back in 2008 (inspired by my mother's £1m mail-order business success story in the 80's and the fact one piece of publicity skyrocketed her business), I immediately realised at the launch that I needed publicity in order to generate awareness. I was at the coalface pitching to shopping editors, features writers and journalists so that they would include my up and coming brand.

I got SO MUCH press that I was soon being asked by colleagues and friends if I could help them. This led to securing a 4 page spread in Psychologies for the UK's leading expert in Mindset and Vision, Tamsen Garrie and the rest is history! I opened up my boutique PR agency and have assisted, secured and handheld my clients into being featured in dream publications and outlets.

Forbes...The Times...The Sunday Times...LBC...Psychologies...Red...The Independent...Raconteur...GMB...Channel 5News...Olive...Delicious....Metro...The Mirror...The Notebook...are just a few.

Want a bit of that?

Together we can do it.

Hop onto a call with me, let's go over your plans for world domination and let's see if we're a good fit. If we are, then you're in the Expert to Thought-Leader PR Mastermind

"I worked with Amanda for six months this year, and the changes she’s helped me make to my business have been significant. Amanda is full of energy, passion and ideas, all of which is highly infectious! I always looked forward to our calls, and left them fired up with positive actions to take. My sessions with Amanda directly led to me introducing new courses to our offering, which have increased our profits dramatically – and will continue to do so. If you’re looking for someone to put a rocket underneath your business, Amanda is your woman!" Hannah Martin, Talented Ladies Club

The Expert to Thought-Leader PR Mastermind is your space to grow your business, mindset and client-base. 

The 6-month VIP experience will allow you to:

    • Attract more clients to your business as you are seen everywhere
    • Finally get the confidence and clarity in your message so that you are super on point and articulate when giving talks, pitches and presentations
    • Find many more opportunities for connecting with leading inluencers who can have a big impact on your business
    • See phenomenal results as you attract people to your company in places you've never heard of! 
    • Have a plan of action for promoting your book, programme, service and expertise

"You've got to work with Amanda because if you want to go big, make a big impact and scale your business, you will want to be recognised by publications. Amanda is the Ultimate Door Opener, she's nothing short of phenomenal". Business strategist Lenka Lutonska


6 months to reach your goals of massive media exposure in an exclusive programme designed to turn you from expert to thought-leader.

Are you ready to make a bigger impact on the world? Here is the programme outline launching on July 15:

    • July 15th: Orientation and goal setting week with a bit of blue sky thinking. Plus preparation work such as getting your media friendly profile ready. We won't miss any opportunities ;-)
    • Month 1: September Kick Off: First Mastermind meet up in luxury London venue (in early September) including masterclass from a leading editor/ journalist in the room.
    • Meet your fellow Thought-Leader Masterminders, get inspired, maybe do some business in the room and of course network! We will cover off how to deliver an intro that has people wanting to hear MORE and queuing up at your DOOR!
    • Month 2: Make an Impact: Live Pitch Clinic to leading journalist on Zoom where you put to into practise what you learnt during the masterclass and over the 4 weeks. Plus nail your Press Kit and Speaker Bio so it's ready to share immediately with all those media call outs as you will literally be media ready in just 4 weeks. These famous Pitch Clinics often lead to invitations to appear on the publication / platform the journalist works for...
    • Month 3: Media meet up: Tour round a TV / radio studio so you can get into the feeling of appearing on air. Plus your monthly Pitch Clinic opportunity with a hand-picked journalist so you can test your thought-leadership skills live
    • Month 4: Write it like a thought-leader: Your turn to write an article for your dream publication and have it critiqued by a magazine editor.  Monthly Pitch Clinic to test a new angle / idea out to a leading journalist PLUS vlog training so you can put together short snappy videos to show behind the scenes at your HQ and a working day...
    • Month 5: Media training bootcamp: Our next face-to-face meet up in London you will be trained up to speak to the camera by broadcast journalist and TV debate veteran, Helen Croydon so you can be interviewed live on air with confidence
    • Month 6: Go rock it! You will now be oozing with confidence on how to approach the media, will have your press kit looking hot and full of impact, your pitching angles all sorted out, so we will do LIVE pitching to your dream publication...you smile and dial to the outlet on a Zoom call and I will be there holding your hand (remotely) and hearing how you pitch so that I can critique and celebrate your incredible success!  This is an invaluable 'hold your feet to the fire' exercise that you will LOVE to HATE!!                                                                                                            ***Just ask Noor Hibbert (she's in the pic below during a meeting at ITV)***

So if you are serious about growing your business and you're an expert wanting to become a thought-leader in your industry, isn't it time to get super visible?

This 6-month programme will set you up for the rest of your business life!

"Working with Amanda FitzGerald these past six months has been hugely beneficial, not only for our business, but on a personal level as well. Amanda teaches how to; catch a journalist’s attention; present self and product successfully to the press face to face; write punchy press releases; find where the journalists hang out; implement PR into workflow. The business has grown as a result of working with Amanda, giving PhoneHug® exposure to a number of blogs, competitions, publications print and online, along with smashing our sales targets by 300%.

In addition to this, networking within the VIP group is undeniably valuable for collaborations, learning and personal growth. It is clear PR is a necessity for any business and so is Amanda". Sam Fairbrother, PhoneHug®

Oh, did I say there were some more awesome bonuses?

Yes I did!! I want to make sure you have absolutely everything you need to be able to put your message in front of millions, so I've included these incredible bonuses:

Bonus No 1:

Your social media profiles will be assessed, critiqued and improvements suggested by Beth Howe, social media expert and CNN editor who will ensure your profiles are super media-friendly [VALUE £1000]

Bonus No 2:

Group Q+A sessions to keep you on track and fully accountable every fortnight and monthly Implementation Sessions as well as 60 minutes 1:1 call with Amanda each month [VALUE £7000]

Bonus No 3:

DONE FOR AND WITH YOU PR: We FEED you media opportunities as and when they come up - we have our eyes peeled to the journalist call outs so if something crops up relevant to YOU, then we immediately alert you. Many clients have had media success this way [VALUE £1000]

Bonus No 4:

DONE WITH YOU PR: You write out your press releases / email pitches, WE check them and make them media ready [VALUE £500]

Bonus No 5:

DONE FOR YOU PR: You have a big story to share / announcement / news story you're reacting to, WE use our powerful PR distribution platform and do a MASS SEND OUT. Again, this is how many of our clients have enjoyed massive media exposure [VALUE £1000]

Bonus No 6:

Inside our secret FB Group, access to my two incredible journalists in my team, Helen and Bianca who are on hand to help you with copy / headlines / pitching ideas [VALUE £2000]


"Wow - this programme is the best I've ever put together! So if you're ready for a Done WITH you PR and visibility programme, then apply for your space right now!" Amanda FitzGerald


A payment plan is available 
(Deposit £2197 followed by 5 monthly payments of £2197)

Fees exclude VAT.

"Amanda is a game changer. She has given me the PR toolkit and the confidence to take my business to the next level. I’ve gone from having no idea how to approach journalists to being featured in Forbes (my dream publication) and delivering a keynote speech with the editor-in-chief of Psychologies magazine. I gained far more than I expected from my time with Amanda and know that the skills and experience I gained will benefit my business for years to come. I can’t recommend Amanda highly enough and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again". Lizzy Arnold, Transformation Consultant and Business Disruptor, Caneka

You could spend years learning the secrets to getting press coverage which leads to credibility, kudos and CLIENTS or you go the fast and guided route…

Now this programme is not for everyone. I am only looking for masterminders who:

    • Have a high degree of responsibility and ambition to be seen everywhere. You need to show up and keep on the radar (so you can enjoy the opportunities as they come your way)
    • Are 100% committed to the programme. Your success depends on it. Do the homework and reap the success
    • Are highly coachable you may have some tough love during our time together but this will help you grow your mindset and confidence as I only want the best outcome for you
  1. So LET'S DO IT! Apply today and let's get you SUPER VISIBLE and on your way to becoming the THOUGHT-LEADER you deserve to be!

I really look forward to speaking with you and hearing your plans to go from Expert to Thought-leader.

If you have been on the fence of working with Amanda then get off the fence now and GET involved.

Amanda is more than a PR expert.. she is a coach, mentor and supporter. She has your back and wants you to succeed and OMG she OPENS doors!!! She lives up to her name.  Can't believe I'm in serious talks to go on ITV and pitching for some exciting opportunities that I know will change my biz. So grateful for investing and if you want the media for your biz then you should be investing in a great asset like her”. Noor Hibbert, Business and Life Success Coach