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In September I had an all time career high! I met my hero Jeremy Vine as I was invited by the show’s producer, Tim Johns to watch Jeremy broadcast his show live.

The month before, my VIP clients had an opportunity to pitch to Tim in our VIP Programme’s monthly Pitch Clinics where they can pitch their business to a leading journalist and receive honest no holds barred feedback on their press pitch.

He was very impressed at the talent during the clinic and all of them are now on his database for experts who he can call in when a topic in their field is being covered.   I have been a huge fan of the Vine Show, having listened to it since I became a work-from-home-entrepreneur, 11 years ago after the arrival of my first child, Felix.

The show is very current covering really interesting topics of the day that are hitting the headlines and I love hearing the opinions of the Great British Public as they comment on the stories being covered that day. It replaced the office banter that I enjoyed when working in London so I make sure I tune in from 12pm – 2pm every work day to hear what my fellow countrymen are thinking about the latest controversy and to also hear Jeremy and his experts’ points of view.

A few years back a client was invited as an expert to talk about immigration and Nigel Farage so here’s hoping that my VIPs will get an invite to speak on mic in 2018!

So I hope you enjoy the video of my day at the BBC, it gives you a good feel of behind the scenes and how the show is put out. It was a fantastic experience and the team made me feel so welcome.   BTW If you would like any help with pitching to the press, book in a 10 min Find Your Press Hook Call! Look forward to speaking with you!

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