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How many news opportunities over the summer months have you seen and thought

“Oh goodness! That could have been MY COMPANY in that amazing editorial, not THAT one!”

Each day you open the papers, or more accurately, your tablets or phones to consume the news and very often there will be a story relevant to your industry.

You either feel:
1. Why didn’t the journalist find me to interview? My products are SO MUCH BETTER! 
2. That expert doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I do!
So to summarize you may be feeling frustrated that you are not getting your story ‘out there’ and that new customers are not finding you simply because they haven’t heard of you.
If you have had press coverage in the past you will know that lovely new customers start ordering your products or making enquiries for your services because you have been written about by a journalist  and you have shown your expertise AND you haven’t placed an ad costing a huge amount for very little, if any return. [Been there done it, got the t-shirt on both accounts!).
This is why you need to start getting your ducks in order and getting yourself ‘press ready’ by creating a PR Toolkit. Once you have your PR Toolkit loaded up and the ducks are neatly in order, you can do two things:
1. Have a press release ready to send out so you are being PROACTIVE in seeking press exposure
2. Have your biography and press release ready so that you can be REACTIVE to what is happening in the news.
And lastly and most importantly, you will have the CONFIDENCE to approach the press because everything is ready.
So how ready is your PR Toolkit?  How ready are you to get into the press?
If the answer is NOW, NOW, NOW!! Then I’d love to speak to you to help you make that happen.
Many ‘aha moments’…

These 1:1 Strategy Sessions often have amazing’aha moments’where people walk away inspired and reinvigorated to take control of their PR and Marketing.

“Amanda was easy to speak to and was very encouraging happily sharing her wisdom and expertise. I found her style to be challenging; encouraging me to move beyond my comfort zone. I found myself inspired and discussing new ideas. A definite plus in developing and growing my business”. C Pyke
“I would like to thank you for our session the other day and your encouraging energy”. K Ferris
“I want to also Thank You as you certainly inspired and motivated me to reach out to a bigger audience plus I got a lot of guidance from your webinar and phone call”. B Jones