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  • Are you writing press releases?
  • Do you send out newsletters?
  • Is your open rate low?
  • Are you not getting journalists replying to you asking for samples or not requesting interviews as they just don’t bother opening your emails?

I strongly recommend you use this very natty tool to see how your headline ranks before you send it out:

The Headline Analyzer tool checks your headline and gives you a score so you can test and re-test until you have a score over 30%. I am guessing this tool will become your BFF!

As you know, I train entrepreneurs how to get into the press so I have tested a few to see which kind of headline would be most compelling:

You are invited to my amazing workshop” 57%

Join me on a fantastic workshop” 50%

Rock at doing your own PR” 33.33%

Fall in love with self-promotion” 20%

Hello are you out there?” 40% – very surprising – I thought that would have been a low score. Watch out, I may use that one some time soon!

It’s really helpful tool which really concentrates the mind and you can test it in your next mail out campaign – see if your open-rate improves!

Let me know how you get on!

And if you want to learn much more about how to get free publicity and to pitch to a journalist face to face, then get in touch!