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How I went from invisible to running a business I love and helping leading experts do the same: become highly visible

 Building any business takes work and visibility.

I am known by my clients as The Ultimate Door Opener. I was christened this back in 2014 when I helped various clients to get media coverage in some very sought after publications and they loved the fact that I can raise to the challenge and that I relish the challenge!

Since then I have coached 100s of entrepreneurs on how to generate their own press coverage so that they can be the highly ‪visible go-to expert in their field reaching new clients in places they never knew existed!

Clients have been very pleased to have secured press in less than 6 weeks, and one client has said: “Best professional recommendation ever”. The time is now right for you to have a member of your team do the PR work for you and we can help you do just that!

Be seen EVERYWHERE as you successfully pitch to the press!

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