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Amanda FitzGerald is an award-winning PR and media training expert who helps clients secure massive media coverage in outlets such as Forbes, Psychologies, BBC, ITV, Red, Platinum, Grazia. Her clients call her The Ultimate Door Opener.


We take you from Best Kept Secret to In Demand Media Friendly Expert so that you can stand out from a very crowded marketplace and dominate your industry using the power of PR.

Our services combine a unique blend of PR Agency along with PR Academy so that you can have the best of both worlds.

 We believe passionately about empowering entrepreneurs with the confidence and know-how of a vital business-life-skills: self-promotion and DIY PR.

Amanda is known by her clients as The Ultimate Door Opener. She was christened this back in 2014 when she helped various clients to get media coverage in some very sought after publications and they loved the fact that she can raise to the challenge and that she relishes the challenge!

Since then we have coached 100s of entrepreneurs on how to generate their own press coverage so that they can be the highly ‪visible go-to expert in their field reaching new clients in places they never knew existed!

Clients have been very pleased to have secured press in less than 6 weeks, and one client has said: “Best professional recommendation ever”.

Whichever part you are at on your entrepreneurial journey, from start-up to seasoned business leader, you’ll need to know how to self-promote with confidence and ease so that you attract more clients to your business.

It all starts with being able to articulate your message, mission and media pitch in way that gives big impact and leaves the audience wanting to know more, not move on to the next person.

We help female entrepreneurs to be heard and to be seen EVERYWHERE.

Ranging from authors, coaches, mentors, micro business owners, industry experts, thought leaders, CEOs, spiritual coaches, marketeers, product creators and retailers.

If you feel that now is the time to play big on a big stage, then check our Services.

Check out my Entrepreneurial Journey and meet my biz inspo, my mother! She’s the famous Janet Coles who ran £1m mail order company Janet Coles Beads. One piece in the Daily Mail catapulted her business from invisble to household name in the 90s!